About CJ Kaplan

CJ Kaplan is an EMMY® Award winning freelance writer living in the Boston area. His first book, Jews Clues: You're Doing It All Wrong, is available now. You can see samples of all his work at adwriter.net. Contact cj@adwriter.net.

I Fought The Laws Of Physics…And The Laws Won

CJ Kaplan helps his daughter study for her 10th grade Physics final and rediscovers why he became an English major.

Along for the Ride

CJ Kaplan’s relationship with his daughter takes an unforeseen turn when she gets behind the wheel for the first time.

For Evan

CJ Kaplan loses a childhood friend and gains some perspective.

The Day I Became Old

One careless purchase transforms CJ Kaplan from a youthful 40-something into a senior citizen.

New England to the Rest of America: We Just Have One Thing to Say

CJ Kaplan explains why the Patriots Super Bowl victory was so, so sweet.

What My First-Grade Son Taught Me About Art

After seeing his son’s excitement about Degas, Picasso, and Warhol—CJ Kaplan realizes that teaching is an art form.

The Caroling Protocol

CJ Kaplan is surprised by some visitors of Christmas present.

The Talk: Cruising Towards Puberty

CJ Kaplan’s son needs his dad to answer some questions about puberty. It’s a dance father and son take together.

Boston: A Love Story

CJ Kaplan reflects on the luck of living in Boston, despite, or maybe because, of the tragedy at the Boston Marathon.

To My Uncle Dickie

CJ Kaplan remembers the man who taught him to love The Three Stooges, Mad Magazine, “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” and other great works of art.

A Public Execution: The Firing of Mike Tannenbaum

CJ Kaplan discusses the firing of New York Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum.

Cold Mashed Potatoes and Warm Memories

CJ Kaplan drinks way too much at his high school reunion and has a great time anyway.

Rush and the Limits of Immortality

In 1987, CJ Kaplan saw Rush for the first time. Twenty-five years later, he brought his son along for the ride.

An Open Letter to Yankee Fans

CJ Kaplan to Yankees supporters: It’s called losing gracefully. Try it.

Why Does Everybody Want Me to Get a Dog?

CJ Kaplan loves dogs. He just doesn’t want one.

Saluting the Captain

CJ Kaplan thinks Needham, MA native Aly Raisman deserves to be considered among the greatest captains in New England history.