About Ken Goldstein

Ken Goldstein most recently was Chairman & CEO of SHOP.COM. Previously he was Executive Vice President & Managing Director of Disney Online, and VP of Entertainment & Education for Broderbund Software. He currently advises start-ups and established companies on brands, creative talent, e-commerce, and digital media strategy. His first novel, This Is Rage, was recently published by The Story Plant. Ken is on the boards of Thrift Books LLC and Good Men Media, Inc.

Are We In a Stock Market Bubble? Curious Minds Want to Know

the new gold rush

Ken Goldstein gets asked once again whether we are in a stock market bubble. Here is his answer to everyone.

Dear RadioShack


Ken Goldstein loves the geeks and nerds at RadioShack. And he would hate to see the brand join the other tombstones in the Dead Brand Graveyard.

A Very Good Year for Good Men

Good Men Project bright lights

Ken Goldstein has watched The Good Men Project grow. And oh man, how it has grown.

Park the Snark


Ken Goldstein watched the Academy Awards. And was aghast at the bullying that came out afterwards.

How to Make Public Service Into Customer Service

public service made customer service

Ken Goldstein believe public service organizations can improve. Here’s how.

Not Amused by the Dolled Up Wolf


Ken Goldstein believes the film is a reckless attempt at continuing to pretend that these sorts of schemes are entertaining, even as the country is reeling from yet another round of Wall Street scandals. Do you agree?

Fully Unfinished Business


As we approach 2014, Ken Goldstein has four areas of concern that are nasty, messy, murky and looming in the business world: inequality, privacy, healthcare, and government gridlock. What are yours?

100 Words on Love: The Great Clue Hunt

glass for two

Suppose that there was no scoreboard.

Brands In Memoriam 2013

in loving memory of blockbuster from brenden ashton

Ken Goldstein knows, like Jeff Bezos knows, that “companies have short life spans.” Here are the inevitable casualties of 2013.

Wings: How I Wrote a ‘Screenplay’ for an Interactive Video Game


When a video game becomes an interactive movie, it needs an inventive screenplay writer. Ken Goldstein talks about the remastered and revisited “Wings” and what his roles was.

A Month of Thankfulness: 16 Things

AP Photo: Ross D. Franklin

Ken Goldstein looks back at 2013 and lists sixteen things he’s profoundly grateful for.

How Fragile Is a Brand?

Apple the brand photo by marclehmann

Ken Goldstein looks at trust, brand loyalty and Apple.

Help, You Need Someone: The Real Secret to Networking


As Ken Goldstein points out, “networking is so bizarrely misunderstood, it boggles my mind.” He explains how to make it work for the long-term. (Hint: if you have to use the words “Hope you are well” in an email, you are already behind.)

To Say or Not to Say

This Is Rage Ken Goldstein Launch

Ken Goldstein’s novel, This Is Rage, launches today. As Ken says, “Experiments are the fuel of innovation. Creative risk is the path of reinvention. Writing a novel is just weird.”

This Is Rage 9: Show Me Your Bulls


Internet Radio phenomenon Kimo Balthazer is up to his tricks again, posting on his site: Bad News: EnvisionInk Does Not Seem to Want Choy & Finkelman Back, Good News: Here is a Picture of Ben & Jerry, Zoom & Spread Viral

Toons, Love, and Letting Go


Ken Goldstein looks at the end of Toontown Online and the lessons we can learn from it.