About Ken Goldstein

Ken Goldstein has served as Chairman & CEO of SHOP.COM, Executive Vice President & Managing Director of Disney Online, and VP / Executive Publisher of Entertainment & Education for Broderbund Software. He currently advises start-ups and established companies on brands, creative talent, e-commerce, and digital media strategy. Ken is on the boards of Thrift Books LLC and Good Men Media, Inc. He publishes the business blog CorporateIntel.us and his first book, This Is Rage: A Novel of Silicon Valley and Other Madness, was published in 2013 by The Story Plant. His second book, Endless Encores, was published by The Story Plant in 2015.

Let’s Ask Dad: The Good Men Project Presents a Video Series on the Changing Roles of Fathers

An original video series by The Good Men Project: Once again, the voices of today’s dads are sparking a conversation.

An Idea Changes A Neighborhood

Education changes lives and minds of people. Ken Goldstein asks you to join him in making the stride to increase opportunities of learning.

Dear Bernie. Love, Those Who Need You

Bernie can take his seat at that table. It is a good seat. But he has to do it now. Let’s #HarnessTheBern

The Many Lessons of Andy Grove

There are few men as influential and multi-talented as Andy Grove.

12 Reasons Why We Vilify

Without a set of shared values, argues Ken Goldstein, we can’t talk with, argue with or perhaps even live with the other side. And then what?

‘The Big Short’ is a Rare Mainstream Movie of Intelligence and Integrity

A perfect motion picture for the movie lovers who have had enough superheroes for a while.

The Trump Thing

Ken Goldstein worries less about Trump himself and more about the hate he has unleashed in his supporters: The Us. vs. Them mentality, the lack of an ethical vocabulary and common ground, and candor being confused for stream of conscious bigotry. That is not what makes America great.

Another Good Year for The Good Men Project

You keep us inspired, hopeful, and willing to have the tough conversations. Join us as we look back on this past year and where we plan to go in 2016.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra In The Front Row

Celebrate the holidays by doing something that really matters. And don’t forget to turn up the volume.

Act Two Begins When You Say So

Don’t believe everyone is capable of a second act? Don’t tell Ken Goldstein.

Learning a Different Way

There are tangible ways we can help children learn. Ken Goldstein, on a group that is changing the dynamic of at-risk kids in schools.

Endless Encores, An Excerpt: Let’s Get Down to Profits

People. Products. Profits. In that order. Ken Goldstein’s new book is a business parable that will show you how to repeat success in whatever you do.

Endless Encores, An Excerpt: Without the Right Product Strategy, Brands Become Nostalgia

Yes, sequels can and should be a winner. Ken Goldstein’s book, Endless Encores, ensures that they will be. Here is an excerpt.

Endless Encores: The Art of Repeating Success (An Excerpt on ‘People’)

Ken Goldstein has written a business parable designed to give clear insights about how to repeat your greatest success and not be a “one hit wonder”. Here is an excerpt.

Chance Meetings and Their Power to Change Your Life

Imagine if you just said hello.

Rotten Choices, Rotten Jobs

Ken Goldstein looks at the trend of people taking crappy, short term jobs that don’t lead to anything better—and how that can change.