Comment of the Day: ‘I need other people’

It’s not about beer, and it’s not about business. Happy Hour is really about time to connect and reflect.

Breaking The Link

How the language of video games can be used to understand mental illness and find new strength in the (lifelong) struggle to recover.

Kid Climbs World’s Tallest Church Spire

Germany’s Ulm Minster stands just over 161 meters (~530 feet) tall and you’re probably not supposed to climb it.

What Have You Had Enough Of? (Call for Submissions)

From ads about drugs to zombies, what are we overly saturated with in today’s society?

Trump vs. Bernie Never Sounded So Funny

@midnight hosted the only debate worth watching this week.

Comment of the Day: ‘You are dealing with human beings, not just body parts’

Lust is not always not a bad thing.

Toaster has a Dream About this Twilight Zone Episode

I see him fall like a sunflower being picked.

Comment of the Day: ‘Thanks for giving your son respect’

Comment of the Day: ‘Thanks for giving your son respect’

Manly Men and the Men Who Man Them (Call for Submissions)

Who are the men in your life who have helped make you a better man?

Kissing Couple Oblivious to the Fact That Their Bar is Being Robbed

When a handful of robbers brandishing guns busted into the Tap Inn in Billings, Montana, everyone seemed to take notice. Except for the couple making out a few feet away from all the action. They had no idea.

Comment of the Day: ‘I realized there were lots of boys everywhere’

Did you remember your first crush?

Comment of the Day: ‘When are we going to take responsibility for our actions?’

Sexual abuse should not get the silent treatment.

ESPN is Trying to Make Drone Racing a Mainstream Sport

Part motorsport, part video game, drone racing is just on the cusp of breaking into the mainstream sports world.

And Now: Shakespeare as Performed by Actors Eating Chillis!

Happy Birthday Shakespeare!

Comment of the Day: ‘You are NOT free to force others to live the same way as you’

We have a right to our own beliefs. Quit imposing yours on others!

This Guy is Making Recycling Cool

Spread the know-how; boost plastic recycling. Plastic is lying around everywhere… For FREE!