Comment of the Day: ‘I am a 74 year old gay man, I have a lifetime partner of 54 years and we have been married 12 years this year.’

This comment was by Eric Osterberg in reply to the post “Gay and Muslim in America” by Tim Rymel.

Man From Chicago is a Walking Suction Cup

Also known as “Can Head,” this man has a rare skin condition that causes objects — like soda cans — to stick to his body.

Comment of the Day: ‘I’m more of a hard man.’

This Comment of the Day was by -Dj- on the post “Vulnerable Men: A Look at the Softer Side”.

How to Build a Primitive Drill out of Sticks, Stone, and Rope

If you find yourself stuck in the wilderness without your favorite cordless drill, it would help to know how to build one yourself.

The Presidential ‘Beast’

Embed from Getty Images Our President is an important man that must be kept safe at all times. ––– This means taking extreme measure to ensure his safety no matter where he is. One thing that has been specifically designed to keep the president safe is his Cadillac car called “The Beast”. This infographic shows […]

Little Kid Disrupts his Sister’s YouTube Video in the Best Possible Way

A girl using her phone to record a song she was playing from inside her guitar is interrupted by her little brother. He deftly recovers her device and saves it from an untimely death.

One Bike, Two Kids, and Creative Teamwork for the Win

These two kids came up with the perfect way share a bike.

Comment of the Day: ‘I’m in the first 2 modern versions of chivalry.’

This comment was by Mark on the post “Should Men Be Chivalrous Anymore” by Dale Thomas Vaughn.

Who’s Counting?

One man humorously questions his choice of poetic style.

Comment of the Day: “The more I slow down, the more I enjoy the present instead of craving the future.”

This comment was by Moritzio on the post “Why Life is Way Better With a Man Who Takes His Time.”

Tragic Footage of 150,000 Tires on Fire in Australia

150,000 tires went up in flames at a yard in Melbourne creating a cloud of smoke that could be seen for miles. Report by Sarah Duffy.

Comment of the Day: ‘Women have been trained, like men …’

This comment was by Mark in reply to the post “Surprise! Women Also Struggle with Emotional Expression” by Mark Greene.

To Control this Black Rage is a Lie

“I was the one who had to unlearn the fight.”

Has This Formula 1 Driver Lost His Rational Thinking?

Driving an F1 Car on a Ski Slope!

The Kind of Man I Am at the DMV

When what makes you “different” is called out by a child while waiting in line…

Work is not Boring When Robots Wrestle

Testing robots in the lab is boring. In Japan, robots are being tested in a wrestling match.