Why Microsoft Office 365 is Right for Your Family 

Microsoft Office 365

Brought to you by Microsoft Office.

Sometimes You Just Need to Make a Lot of Popcorn Very Quickly

korean popcorn

It’s called a “Popcorn Gun”. Watch and you’ll see how it got its name.

Functional and Fashionable Clothing with a Greater Purpose 


Founded by a Stage IV gastric cancer survivor himself, CureWear is functional and fashionable clothing with a greater purpose.

A Drink and a Movie


It’s fun to grab dinner and movie on a summer evening, but don’t forget about the drink. To help you decide what to sip on before drinking in your favorite flick, we’ve paired these cocktails and movie genres together. Sponsored by Fridays.

Comment of the Day: ‘There is no absolute law to use as a reference for measuring righteousness.’

sack of potatoes photo by claudiobeck

This comment was by Sasquatch on the post Moral Relativism vs. Cultural Relatism

Don’t Watch If You’d Prefer Not to See a Knee Replacement via Surgeon-Cam

knee replacement

Yes it’s graphic. And there is less blood and more specialized saws than we would have imagined.

Why Every Home Needs Walnuts, Toilet Paper Tubes, and Doritos [video]

#11 A new use for Doritos

Here are 24 lifehacks to solve some annoying little problems.

Is Eric Garner’s Death a Bad Cop Act or More of the Same NYPD Brutality?


Will it ever be safe to be an ethnic minority in a big US city or are we doomed to senseless police brutality for decades to come?

Keith Olbermann Pulls No Punches in His Take-Down of Sexism in Sports

Olberman calls out NFL

Sometimes men need to call out other men. Here, Keith Olbermann rails against the NFL.

10 Bar Bets You Can Make for Drink Money (And You Will Win Every Time)

bar bet

Just make sure you have friends that will stay your friends after being tricked out of money.

Why IS there such a resistance to the idea of male beauty?

male beauty

This comment was posted by Carleton on Three Reasons Why Men Don’t Know They are Beautiful :

What do Men and Pitbulls Have in Common?


They’re both misunderstood and greatly underrated.

“Did we Create a Nihilism & Fear Climate that Stymies us as a Species?”


Where Have All the Grownups Gone?

War is a Land Grab and it Always Has Been

Screen shot 2014-07-21 at 5.35.14 PM.jpg

Scott Pelley, on CBS Evening News, talks of the struggles of today and how to get to peace.

‘It’ll Go Right Across the Lawn If You Fly It Right’

dad airplane

A dad gives his son a quick lesson in aerodynamics they won’t likely forget.

Grilling Vegetables. It’s Easy, Once You Know How.


It’s that time of year again. Summer is the season of the grill.