The Dutch Rugby Team’s Pre-Game Handshake Ritual For The Ages


Dutch Rugby, taking “Slip Me Some Skin” to new heights.

Watch Marriage Equality Roll Out State by State, Over the Years

Marriage Equality rolls out

The March of Marriage Equality. Great to see it happen.

The Confident Man: Why Style Is Important

photo by Tony Alter

Pay attention to how you dress and not only feel good—you will walk, talk and act like you look good.

Comment of the Day “Gender fluidity (or completeness) is coming. Big time, and it really is the beginning of a new chapter in the human species.”


This comment is by Mark on the post “The Era of the Co-Gendered Human”.

Win a Chance at $2,500 by Leaving a Comment on HUMANS Stories on The Good Men Project

HUMANS Gemma family

You could win $2,500 by reading and commenting on our HUMANS content, here on The Good Men Project!

Comment of the Day: “We don’t go to a benefit for cancer and say ‘all diseases matter’.”

A child, patient at the Children's Cancer Center in Bishkek, is held in her mother's arms while she plays with her new bear received from members of the Transit Center at Manas Nov. 13. Members from the Transit Center at Manas visited the children as part of a team to assess the needs of the facility. (Photo by: Staff Sgt. Nathan Bevier)

This comment of the day was from os on the post “In the Spirit of John Brown: A Letter to White People After Charleston.”

The Gift of the Father and Other Stories: Inside the Conversation at The Good Men Project

the gift of the father photo by clairity

A conference call covers the speed at which change occurs, the events in Charleston, the importance of fathers, and more.

Maybe Don’t Post My Picture


A poem about taking away the glory that the killers in this country seek.

This is What It Feels Like Like to Be Transgender


In this TedTalk, Lee Mokobe gives a soul-baring description of what it feels like to be transgender in a highly gendered culture.

5 Outdoor Activities Dad Will Appreciate on Father’s Day

toyota one bold choice

When it comes to Father’s Day, dads usually get the short end of the stick. This year, Toyota wanted to help make Father’s Day mean something more. #OneBoldChoice Sponsored by Toyota

Call For Submissions: Fathers Day


This Father’s Day, what personal stories and anecdotes resonate with you?

Why You Should Never Prank Your Girlfriend With a ‘Ketchup Bomb’

Ketchup Bomb Prank

Why do a prank like this IRL when you can roll on the ground laughing hysterically over this video?

Guy High Fives Shark, Shark High Fives Back

shark tank

Some people (and sharks, apparently) are friendlier than others.

Seven Confessions on Cheating

Dylan Garity seven confessions on cheating

Or…the hours between kissing another woman…and telling you. Dylan Garity, a poem observed.

Change Changes Us

change changes us

Inside the conversation at The Good Men Project.

Shelters: “Some Days I Turn 20 Away. Today It’s Just One.”

Michael Lee Shelters

Michael Lee: “As a youth worker, it is in my bones to save the world….Each call is like someone else’s life flashing before your eyes.”