Tesla Model S – Dad Pranks His Son with Summon

Dad pranked his son with a hidden Go Pro on the dash.

Comment of the Day: ‘There’s bad and then there’s apocalyptic’

Who do you choose when you don’t like the choices?

What Will the Future Hold for Intimate Relationships? (Call for Submissions)

What will sex, love, and relationships look like for men and women in the future (near or far)?

These Mountain Bikers Need to Stop Riding so Close to the Edge of This Cliff

They don’t even break a sweat riding alongside the 400 foot cliff on Gold Bar Rim in Moab.

How To Be Here—Avoiding Fear, Anxiety, and Regret, with Rob Bell

A concussion gave him the tour of his life he needed to be in the present moment.

Comment of the Day: ‘Who wants a relationship without romantic feeling?’

Who wants to always be reminded that relationships take work?

Man Climbs Huge Tree to Save Poor Kitty Who Had Been Stuck for 11 Days

Poor cat got himself stuck up in a 50 foot pine tree. Luckily, this good samaritan was there for the rescue.

Comment of the Day: ‘Men are insecure about competition’

Are men afraid to approach attractive women?

Call for Submissions: What Communities Keep You Sane in a Crazy World?

None of us are really in this alone. Send us your story about the people and groups that matter to you and why.

Unlabeled – The Most Dangerous Product on the American Market

The makers of the MOST dangerous product are protected from legal liability like no other manufacturer.

Comment of the Day: ‘It’s cruel and vindictive to treat a lover as a stranger’

Intimacy is more than sex.

Steph Curry Hits Five Half Court Shots in a Row as a Warm Up

Dear Oklahoma City Thunder: good luck dealing with Steph Curry. Sincerely, Digg.

Comment of the Day: ‘When we feel under-appreciated, we start attention seeking’

Not being comfortable with our emotions can come from our parents.

Yes, You are a Cultural Creator. How Will You Use Your Powers for Good?

The Good Men Project Community talks with Publisher and CEO, Lisa Hickey, about how to create social change without being overwhelmed.

This Kid is Ridiculously Skilled at Flipping Water Bottles

Watching this guy flip water bottles onto narrow surfaces was way more exciting than we would have expected. We might co-opt this as our next new hobby.

Comment of the Day: ‘A lot of couples don’t realize how unhappy their partner is’

Communication in a relationship means you sometimes have to ask the hard questions.