A Mother’s Beautiful Letter of Love to Her Gay Son


Being a 13 year old boy is hard enough, but add being gay on top of that and I imagine the idea of coming out to your family could be terrifying.

Watch all 7 Of Germany’s Goals in One Video


This 6 second video highlights the “greatest World Cup performance of this century, complete with all seven of Germany’s goals.”

Watch This Amazing 2-Year-Old Take His First Steps, and Tell the World ‘I Got It’


It’s hard enough to learn to walk. But when you have lost your left leg and right foot, it’s near impossible. (Just don’t tell that to Kayden Kinckle, however).

An Underaged Teen Asked a Homeless Man to Buy Him Beer. And Learned the Lesson of a Lifetime.

broken bottles

“Broken Bottles” performed by Ben Grenrock.

Learn How to Build a Garden Pond in Two and a Half Minutes (The Learning, Not the Building)

garden pond

The benefits to a pond in your backyard are that it is very soothing to look at and interesting to see all the wildlife it attracts—frogs, dragonflies, newts if you’re lucky and much more.

Jason Biggs on Fame and Fatherhood

Screen shot 2014-07-06 at 12.44.49 AM

Stars become dads just like regular guys.

Dad and Daughter Beat All Records For Cuteness With Their “My Roots Grow Down” Duet


What could be better than a father-daughter bonding moment than an talented dad and his little girl performing together?

A Drone Flies Into the Middle of Exploding Fireworks to Film Them. Watch and You Shall See.

drone fireworks

The drone survived, intact.

7,000 Fireworks Accidentally Go Off All at Once. Here’s What It Looks Like. (Oh, and Happy 4th!)

7000 fireworks at once

A computer malfunction apparently caused one of the shortest, brightest and loudest fireworks displays ever. Here’s wishing you a happy and safe July 4th.

10 Life Hacks You Need This Summer


From peeling a mango to ridding your kitchen of fruit flies, these 10 life hacks will make your life just a little easier this summer.

How Does Your Garden Grow? Our DIY of the Day: A Raised Garden Bed


Make it easy for your whole family to enjoy fresh vegetables.

“I am female and I watch porn daily. I don’t see it as an addiction”

Like Porn

5 Reasons Why Men Must Give Up Porn

Heads Up! Why Standing Too Close to a Demolition Site Can Be Hazardous to Your Health.

demolition hazard

Sure, things that go boom! are fun to watch. But a couple watching the demo of OP Prostegjov in Czech Republic almost gets hit by a chunk of concrete hurtling through the air at high speed.

“Rape is a problem of control, not sex…linked to general disrespect & dominance.”


Jimmy Savile, Rape Culture and the Lessons for Us All

A Blender + a Mason Jar = No Mess Smoothie (Life Hacks Strike Again)

blender hack

We’re all about helping you find one less mess to clean up.

Yes You Can! Peel a Bag of Potatoes in Under a Minute. Watch How.

fast potato peeling

For today’s DIY of the Day, we bring to you the fine art of potato peeling.