Made Man Interviews: Reno 911′s Thomas Lennon

Thomas Lennon

Our favorite celebrity interviewer, Paul F Thompkins, sits down with Thomas Lennon for another Made Man interview.

“Have we become obsessed with skeleton’s in everyone’s closets?”


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What’s Happening to Boys in School? Google Hangout

Dr. Steve Perry Google Hangout

Dr. Steve Perry, founder and principal of Capital Preparatory Magnet School shares on what parents and teachers can do to support boys in school.

Raise Your Hand

Raise Your Hand

We are a part of the change that is happening. And we’re asking you to be counted as a member of our community and part of that change.

“Is It Desirable for Men to Have to Read Women’s Minds?”

mind reader

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Daily Fun: Jimmy Fallon and Billy Joel Blow Your Mind With an iPad and Some Doo-Wop

billy joel jimmy fallon ipad doo wop

I went into this video dubious, but Jimmy Fallon and Billy Joel knocked my socks off with this improvised song… made with an iPad.

“Is Physical Beauty Important for Practically Everybody?”


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How to Pull a Tooth With a Rocket (Or, What Dads Do When Mom Is Not Home)

pull tooth

Hugh Paxton suggests you don’t try this at home.

“Your happiness in your marriage is your responsibility.”

Together 4 life

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Helping Boys in School: #GMPChat Tonight With Dr. Steve Perry

Dr. Steve Perry Good Men Project Twitter Chat

What can we do o ensure boys succeed in school? Dr. Steve Perry is our guest on tonight’s #GMPChat on Twitter 8:00pm Est

Want to See What It’s Like to Be Diving and Have a Shark Come Atcha? [Yes, there's a video]

Shark Attack

Man vs. Shark, courtesy of scuba-cam.

Does Having Less Stuff = More Time for Love?

simplify life

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Things You Can’t Do When You’re Not a Dog

things you can't do when you're not a dog

Jumping on people who come through the door, trying to bite the mailman, sniffing behinds… Yeah, only dogs can get away with this.

Does Using “Slavery” to Describe Mental Bondage minimize Chattel Slavery?

human bondage

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If You Were a Dad Who Met Your Triplets for the First Time, You’d Roar With Pride Too.

Lion Cubs Meet Dad for First Time

The father’s name is Zawadi Mungu. At 500 pounds, he can pull a buffalo to the ground.

Made Man Interview: Sitting Down With B.J. Novak From ‘The Office’


Who’s funnier than comedian and writer B.J. Novak?