Comment of the Day: When discussing passionate beliefs, attitude matters.


When it comes to discussing ideas and making intellectual progress, attitude matters.

Guys Talk About Cheating

guys talk about cheating

What happens when guys get real about cheating?

The Logic of Humanity


Our World is changing, and we are changing with it. Nothing is how it used to be.

Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About


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Ain’t No Secret About Men Touching Men

men together

Maybe men touching men was not a secret in a time not too long ago?



We’re saddened by the loss of former New York Governor Mario Cuomo today. He was 82. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

Comment of the Day: “I am an officer at a prison where macho is important.”


This comment was by Tom and originally appeared on the post “Why People Think My Boyfriends and I Are Gay”.

Charlie Chaplin’s Love Yourself Manifesto


Comedian and social visionary, Charlie Chaplin shared a manifesto of love, and possibly life too.

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Xmas Explained by Jews and Hanukkah Explained by Christians – What Could Go Wrong?

Jews explain Christmas

How would you fare?

What Did You Forget?

what did you forget?

Alan Watts asks “what did you forget?” in this Sustainable Man film starring Chris, Sean, and Luke Abad as “Joe Dokes”

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gmp g+

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Your Daily Awesome: Noble Guinea Pig Wants You To Play Xbox With Him


Holiday stress got you down? This noble guinea pig might inspire you to greatness. Or just “awwww…”

Michigan Cops Giving Surprise Xmas Gifts to Drivers Will Give You All the Holiday Feels

michigan cops give presents

Is someone chopping onions in here, or what?

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conversation 12142014

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