Four Men and a Baby… The “Try Guys” Change a Diaper

try guys try motherhood

Which of these four men will want a baby by the end of the video? Which will make you wonder if he should just go get a vasectomy now?

Yeah. Kissing You Is Like That.

Neil Hilborn kissing you is like that

Neil Hilborn performs “Static Electricity”.

Watch Four People Swim for Their Lives to Escape East Germany in 1988

escape from east germany

It rather puts your problem with today into perspective, doesn’t it?

Our Broken System: How We Prime Some Young Men For College—Others For Prison


Here in the US, two distinct institutions guide teenagers on their journey to adulthood. One is college, the other is prison.

How to Live Like an Avenger: A Dad’s Guide to Superhero Life

How to Live Like an Avenger: A Dad’s Guide to Superhero Life

In anticipation for “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” three joyfully-geeky dads discuss how they’re sharing The Avengers with their kids…

8 Things Guys Supposedly Aren’t Supposed to Say

things guys aren't supposed to say

But WHY aren’t guys supposed to say this stuff?!

How to Combat Relationship Insecurity: 10 Tips for Guys

aaron marino getting over relationship anxiety

Saturday how-to with Aaron Marino, who gives blunt, compassionate advice for men on how to stop quaking in your boots around the person you love.

Criminal Artist Poet Comedian?


“Calling yourself an artist is so pretentious. I prefer to say I’m a poet, whose primary medium of expression is crime.”

Men and the Pressure to Be a Financial Success

financial success photo by frankieleon

Why the conversation about the changing roles of men is so important.

Consent at 10,000 Feet

guante consent at 1000 feet button

Master slam poet Guante. “You ever have sex in a haunted house?”

The TRUTH About the Riots in Baltimore – Captured on Video

Melech E M thomas

Do the American news stations have the guts to show what’s really happening on the streets?

‘The Worst Thing About Being Naked and Then Being Hit By a Car…’

the future

Neil Hilborn: “The Future” at the National Poetry Slam

Raise a Glass to Pure Water

Raise your glass for pure water

Here’s your chance to help support pure water initiatives—just by raising your glass.

Sunday Silliness: Two Guys Try a Future Toilet

BuzzFeed Chris on a toilet

Chris says, “I’ve lost track of what is and isn’t private. I work at BuzzFeed.”

Why Do I Have to Use a Number 2 Pencil?


Could it be: A) Because science! B) Due to unexplainable circumstances C) By the power of GreySkull D) Another way to mess with students’ heads. Please shade your answer in completely and do not mark outside of the shading area.

Living With Depression. A Slam Poet Bares All

Dan Roman

Dan Roman with a performance that will get you to look at depression in a way you never have before.