These Flirting Tips Mostly Miss – But the Guys’ Reactions are Hilarious


Four girls try getting sexy with real guys using the tips from a fashion magazine.

The Circle of Judgement


Bob Marley’s Judge Not makes the circle all too clear.

Cry Together Doesn’t Sound Too Bad [music video]


The O’Jays knew how to embrace deep emotions

Bruce Goes Down to the River [music video]


Did Bruce Springsteen sell himself down The River, or was he going with the flow.

Four Roman Candles and a Personal Drone

two roman candles and a personal drone

“Hey guys, what do you think will happen if we strap fireworks to my drone?”

Where Is the Line You Walk?


Emotional expression, especially love, can stay locked up until the love is easy to be true.

What Does it Take to be a Man? [Music]

what does it take to be man

Pulp find their way around the statement, “I’m a Man.”

A Good Man is Hard to Find [Music]


Tom Waits paints a portrait of the forgotten man.

Jealous Guy Apologizes [Music Video]

jealous guy

John was a troubadour of peace and compassion, and a jealous guy.

The Ultimate Father Song? [Music Video]


“There never seems to be enough time
to do the things you want to do once you find them”

Nice Guys Finish First

nice guys

Proof that nice guys actually finish first!

What Feeds Us

what feeds us

City of Vancouver’s sustainable food strategy

Boys Don’t Cry [Music Video]

boys dont cry

The Cure knew all about the problems of men expressing emotion.

A Young Man Ain’t Got Nothin’ in the World These Days [Music]


1959, Mose Allison doesn’t see a very good world for a young man.

Better Man – the One Settled For [Music]

better man

Was Pearl Jam’s “Better Man” an abuser?

Who is the Man Now? [Music Video]

who is the man now

Aloe Blacc has figured out what is to be The Man – to go through the worst and still give the best. Good idea, man!