What Do Healthy Masculinities Look Like? Why Not Ask a Woman?

Ask a Woman, by Ashley Michelle Fowler

Can I, as a woman, genuinely impact male development? Does work with men take away limited and valuable resources from women and people of other marginalized gender identities?

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Can the Bro Save Humanity?


Brandon Peele would like to re-define the word “Bro”.

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Do I Have to Choose Between My Purpose And My Relationship?

relationship vs purpose photo by Roberto Tim

Chris Kyle has found a delicious paradox: That when he is living boldly into his purpose, with all the triumphs and failures, his relationship with his wife thrives.

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You’re Not Alone Man, You’re With the Men

photo by sabbeke

Duncan Alldridge asks and answers the question “What’s the point of a men’s group?”

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Cooking for Dad

Dad Berry

Colin Berry watches his father age, and steps in to help feed him.

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The Road With Mama

The Road with Mama photo by amarilloposters

After spending nearly a lifetime as ‘father figure’ for a parent, a son reflects on the journey with his late mother.

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We Can Be Cowboy Heroes

Technocolor Cowboy photo by Moyan_brenn

Gather around the campfire as Snake Bloomstrand reminds us that some old-fashioned cowboy heroism can help us run today’s black hats out of town.

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The Hidden Powers of Vulnerability


Chris Kyle learned early on that he better man up and sure as hell ‘Don’t cry!’ He learned later that vulnerability makes him stronger.

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Watch your %#$*ing Language At Work


Swearing is pretty common in pop culture, but Ged Naughton cautions that letting the f-word fly in the workplace could be a FCLM (a freaking career limiting move).

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Major Pain Comes Before Major Gain

jason dufner, golf, PGA

Tim O’Connor examines how Jason Dufner’s PGA Championship victory proved once again that to win spectacularly at most anything, you had to have failed spectacularly.

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I Am a Man and I Am Winning at Losing

obese, man, person, fat, overweight, large, obese man in park, park, outdoors

Josh Magill follows up his brave GMP post; ‘I Am a Man and I Am Fat’ that resonated with readers with this account of how he found the will to kick his ass—and the fat.

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How Losing My Manhood Made Me a Better Man


Soft and spectacular: Michael Russer explains how Erectile Dysfunction enabled him and his partner to soar to unimagined heights of intimacy.

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The Power of the Fish Bat


Snake Bloomstrand recalls his final exchange with a dying friend and the whopper of a tale about the no-strike-out bat.

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How I Learned to Like Phil Mickelson


As golf journalist and fan, Tim O’Connor has disparaged superstar golfer Phil Mickelson as an insincere showboat for years. On Sunday, something changed.

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Within My Control and Beyond

men working, work, office, workshop, desks, black and white, room, natural light, big windows

Josh Magill provides insight into the conundrum of control faced by Masterminds—like him.

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Take a Risk if You Dare

risk, adrenaline, chance, courage, jump, bumgee jump, scared, fear, brave

Bored by our careful culture of risk aversion, Ged Naughton lays down a challenge: Do something new and different for once. Take a risk!

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