Sex at Dawn: How We Mate, Why We Stray, and What It Means for Modern Relationships


Why can’t we love one another like we used to?

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Bisexual, Pansexual, Born or Made?


A survivor of childhood sexual abuse knows bisexuality is real, but wonders if he was born this way or made.

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Can A Child Have More Than Two Parents?

adorable toddlers

A California state bill would allow courts to legally declare a child has more than two parents.

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Let’s Talk About STIs

awkward date moment

Talking about your sexual history with a new partner is best done early and honestly.

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Adventures in Polyamory

photo by megawhel360

A champion of sexual freedom, Henry Vandenburgh navigates an open marriage and doesn’t miss a beat.

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Polyamory, Fidelity and Faithfulness

3 graces

Jimmy Holloway can tell you from experience that faithfulness and exclusivity are not necessarily the same thing.

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Is Being “Half a Partner” to Somebody Enough?


Mark D. White wonders if anybody is hurt in an open emotional affair.

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The Poly Closet

cupid and psyche

Christopher wonders, “Is it harder to accept honesty than infidelity?”

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Bi Polyamory: Calling a Spade and Spade

Courtesy theslowlane

Rob Grimes thinks honesty in relationships is the best policy.

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Polyamory: Rebooting Our Definitions of Love and Family

duck family

Angi Becker Stevens doesn’t need you to understand her family to accept it as equal.

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What if We Approached Monogamy the Way We Approach Polyamory?

venn you me

Franklin Veaux describes common approaches to polyamory in monogamous terms.

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Polyamory Is Pro-Family

baby elephant

Raising children is easier with four adults, according to Micah Schneider, making a pro-family argument for polyamory as a lifestyle.

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The Myth: Men Are Horny, Women Are Not


Noah Brand breaks down the nature and origins of cultural assumptions about male vs. female libidos.

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photo by massimo_riserbo

Jeremy M. believes you don’t need to let society’s rules get in the way of the kind of relationship that you are interested in having.

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