30 Practical Tips About Raising a Baby That You Will Never Learn From Movies and TV

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  1. This is quite possibly the best article I’ve ever read for new parents. Thanks dude.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Great article! Was just talking to my husband over dinner about how
    I’m anxious about our second child arriving in four weeks, we have a 13 month
    Old and I was starting to think I was insane to get pregnant again. After reading this I’m reminded not only
    Will everything be ok but I’m an excellent mother! Sure it’ll be hard, I’m already exhausted
    So that’s out of the way and half the time I’m too busy chasing my 13 month old to even think about cleaning. Every parent needs to read this article if anything they’ll get a good laugh!

  3. Yup to all of them … great article

  4. I don’t have kids, not even close to that yet, but I loved this. I would read this epecially to younger adults to show how much can change when a baby comes. Awesome

  5. Wonderful piece. Oh yes if you believe that everything is going to be as hard as you are told you can be very surprised. I had a big surprise in breaking my son from a bottle. Just after his first taste of real food he didn’t want anything to do with a bottle.

  6. I have two son who are expecting their first child in the next 6 months. Is sent it to both of them to read. Very enjoyable read and funny yet true in so many ways.

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