Lin and Lana

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  1. Turns out Jeremy Lin is who we thought he was. Taking a ne’er do well team like the Knicks on a six game win streak, averaging 27 points a game, leading the team in scoring and assists every game is no fluke. He’s the real deal. Could his play fall of? Anything’s possible the kid ala Eli Manning seems to be able to make plays at crunch time. Time and again. That ain’t no fluke.

  2. PursuitAce says:

    Never heard of Lana until now. But since she’s a performer, isn’t being inauthentic part of the deal? So what’s the problem?

    • I suspect the author got it backwards: if you do a google trends search, you can see that searched for Del Rey actually dipped before her SNL performance and then skyrocketed afterwards. The performance caused the story to be disseminated, no the other way around.

      The problem is that her performance was TERRIBLE. You can judge for yourself by looking it up (I’m sure it’s on the internet somewhere). Then it came out later that she had previously tried to have a singing career some time ago under her real name…and people thought she was terrible then too.

      The issue isn’t the “inauthenticity” buy rather the idea that she thought a new identity could make up for an utter lack of talent in live performances (her edited studio music sells okay, so it’s hard to call that bad).

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