Romance, How (Extraordinarily, Delightfully) Inconvenient

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AV Flox writes about Love & Sex, a lot, often as the section editor of Love & Sex on BlogHer. You can connect with her on Twitter @avflox, Google Plus+AV Flox, or read what she's reading on Tumblr.


  1. Let’s hear it for romance. It makes a nice change from just talking about sex, or love for that matter…

    • This is why live is full of plenty unexpected surprised. The Inconveniences of life is what makes it a pleasant challenge.

  2. Nice change of pace, romance…

  3. Maia Pinion says:

    This was lovely and thoughtful. So true, romantic love is highly inconvenient but when it sweeps you off your feet its worth every ounce of effort. Thank you for writing this and reminding me :-)

  4. gargoyle grins says:

    had an old shared blog once… :)

  5. I’m a firm believer of inconveniences, to the point where I avoid the convenient at all cost. Cheers to a life of romance!

  6. I so enjoyed reading this, it reads like a manifesto for hopeless romantics such as myself ! Cheers to you for sharing this, it has made me smile on an otherwise dismal Monday morning .

  7. great piece of work :)

  8. Breathtaking overview of romance. I appreciate how in just a few brushstrokes of words, you painted portraits in my mind of loves lost, longed for and lived. Bravo :-)

  9. I like what you said about well thought-out romance. For example, if someone bought me an expensive diamond engagement ring I would be disappointed because it would mean they just didn’t think very much about what I would like. Give me a hand-carved drift wood ring any day. Thanks for an interesting article.

  10. Time is the ultimate investment. Great post, AV!

  11. And in the inconvenience, there lies our bliss. Wonderfully elucidated.

  12. Everything was good until I read “wrecking ball” and then Miley Cyrus more or less destroyed this piece. And I don’t even listen to her music, nor have I heard that particular song.


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