‘China-Like’ Labor Force Used In US Prisons

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  1. ogwriter says:

    It seems to me that the real problem is the lack of empathy men have for each other,the implicit,pervasive, racism for the other and the general ignorance regarding the interconnectedness of the systems of oppression,that allowed this system to come into fruition in the first place.Think of it,prisons as commodities on the stock exchange!What does that say about us?Prisons lobbying to stay in existence.What does that say about us?A society that mistreats it’s most vulnerable,will eventually mistreat everyone.The illusion that one is safe is just that,a mirage.You too are a unit of production,disposable.There are those who blame it on the patriarchy,as if women don’t benefit from and support this system,or so the theory goes.The corrupted prison system is not a male’s only club,even though feminists theory says otherwise.In the complex web of relationships that sustain this beast are women.And on the ground,an aggressively politicized, unreasonable,fear of ALL men as violent oppressors adds fuel to the system’s engine.If whitemen are violent oppressors,then men of color must be relatively worse.Bottomline,women are not the problem,men and the system they created,are to blame.Belief in applied feminism won’t solve the prison-industry problem.Belief in each other could.

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