#LiberalTips2AvoidRape : Why You Have to Go See This Twitter Thread RIGHT NOW!

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  1. Is this a troll tag or legit?

  2. So yes #LiberalTips2AvoidRape is trending, but it’s only in response to Democratic Legislator who feels women should consider peeing on their rapist, trusting their whistle, or flee to a safe-zone…. Wtf? Was this guy serious? Then, along comes Biden saying that we should shoot at the air not only wasting ammo, but relinquishing our only means of defense.

    #LiberalTips2AvoidRape showcases the ridiculousness of their arguments.


  3. for pete”s sake could you be more obtuse, MARK GREENE ?

  4. Sir. I refuse to use the tag because of people like you. I do this not because you are correct, but because it can be offensive and people like you deliberately misrepresent what the trend means. The point of the tag is that liberal solutions for women to defend themselves are, well, non-existant. For them its all post-rape. Law-enforcement, healthcare. Which are good. I’m a licensed advocate and support a strong, robust, response system. But if a woman wants to use a pistol, she should be able. It’s the safest thing for them.

    • I think the focus should be more on self defense techniques rather than guns.. A gun will unfortunately be more likely taken and used against the victim than to save her life. There is also the fact that rape is a surprise attack. If a rapists comes at you from behind or puts a knife at your throat, chances are you will not have time to search for your gun in your purse. And yes, the way that democratic legislator phrased his argument was stupid, I think his point is a legitimate one. In our rape culture women live with the constant fear of being attacked or raped. When they walk to the car or in an empty parking lot or garage, when they get into an elevator that has only a man in it.. The chances that innocent people would be shot if everyone on campus were armed would skyrocket. More guns is not the answer and it will make Everyone less safe.
      Comparing what this guy said to Ryan’s “rape is a ‘method’ of conception” or Todd Akin’s ‘legitimate rape can’t cause pregnancy’ or to the general republican idea that a woman should be forced to carry her rapists’ baby to term is obscene.

  5. John Anderson says:

    I think the big issues with guns stopping rape is that.

    1. It is most effective against stranger rape, which is least common. A lot of date rapes, especially the rapes of men, are facilitated with drug and/pr alcohol use. A gun doesn’t do you much good when you’re drunk.

    2. A gun is more effective a deterrent at a distance. It’s easier to take a gun away at close range or at least a perpetrator will believe they have a better chance of success. The stranger rapes I’ve read about didn’t involve guys who signaled their intentions. People were grabbed and pulled into areas or knives were held to their throats, etc.

    3. The gun has to be readily accessible. Putting it in a purse not only makes it easy to get stolen by a purse snatcher, but it makes it difficult to retrieve and easy for a rapist to separate a gun from a victim.

    4. You have to be willing to use deadly force.

    • When was the last time you had your purse stolen??

      It’s pretty clear you’ve never shot a handgun.

      • John Anderson says:

        “It’s pretty clear you’ve never shot a handgun.”

        Actually I have and it’s not a purse, it’s a messenger bag. :) When I’ve had a gun, it was either at home, in the car, or on my person. At home or in the car didn’t do me any good unless I was home or in my car. When it was on my person, it didn’t leave my person. Did you ever put your purse down? It probably would if I was about to have sex, but it wouldn’t be sex that was forced by threat of physical violence, which is the only thing a gun can stop.

        I’m a former weightlifter and martial artist. Yes, I’ve gotten fat and slow., but as I’ve pointed out to people, I’ve gotten fat and slow compared to what I was, not necessarily compared to them. I could register a kick in about 6/10 of a second. Now it’s closer to a second. I could still land a punch in a half second and I still remember striking points. This doesn’t leave me at least I don’t think it will for about another 15 – 20 years.

        That’s why I don’t know where I stand on gun control. When you legislate you can’t just think about your circumstances today and you shouldn’t just think of yourself. That being said, there are limitations to how a gun can protect you. It’s a good idea to have a self defense system and not just rely on something that might not be there.

  6. Apparently someone is upset that their movement is no longer the only movement that histrionically yells ‘RAPE!!!!!!’ in order to win every discussion.

  7. Women don’t like rape jokes. They just don’t.

    That is not entirely true. Some of the women complaining about this hashtag had no problem making rape jokes about men two weeks ago on #INeedMasculismBecause.

    Likewise, if this hashtag had been created by a liberal to mock the Senator’s stupid comment, the same liberals losing their minds would be tripping over each other to post the next tweet. I do not think the problem is the hashtag itself, just who created at it.

    And what does all this mean? #LiberalTips2AvoidRape will shift the 2014 mid term elections and cost the GOP its majority in the House of Representatives. I’m serious. This outpouring of anti-woman bile is that potent of a brew.

    I doubt that for three reasons. One, Twitter hashtags do not have much life after a week or two, and so far this has not made national television news. Two, so far no conservative government official is involved in this. Three, the person who sparked the hashtag is a Democrat. Liberals cannot change that, and it will appear that they would rather attack some random blogger for creating a hashtag than challenge one of their own for saying women can stop rape with a whistle.

    The irony of this is that the hashtag is trending because angry liberals keep tweeting about it. I am beginning to think people do not realize how Twitter works. If you want the hashtag to die, stop tweeting about it.

    • wellokaythen says:

      “Women don’t like rape jokes. They just don’t.”

      Not necessarily a bad “best practices” statement as a general rule, but not absolutely true. Sarah Silverman is at least one woman who likes rape jokes. At least as material for a stand-up routine. As I understand it, there are some rape survivor support groups who allow women to tell jokes about their experience within the group as a way to take more power back over their experiences. I won’t tell a woman who’s a rape survivor that she is not allowed to make a rape joke of any kind.

    • Women don’t like rape jokes. They just don’t.

      Weren’t there a few posts here several months back where women and feminists were breaking down what types of rape jokes are acceptable and funny and which ones with weren’t? (And if I’m not mistaken did those posts center around a Louis CK stand up?)

  8. Interesting that you argue ” more guns isn’t the solution ” yet in India where the rape of women is a serious pandemic, the Governing Body there is actively arming and training women to patrol the streets specifically to prevent rape. Furthermore your point about willingness to fire coupled with the fact a gun is intended to be used at a distance demonstrates proper gun safety as well as personal safety. Women are very aware of their surroundings, especially in a potentially threatening situation. Brandishing a weapon and demonstrating willingness to protect oneself is an effective deterrent from those who would do you harm. Ask anyone who’s had their home broken into, or woman who’s used a gun in self defense.

  9. So, when on date, making out in a car, or what have you, I’m supposed to have a gun in my purse, preferably with my finger on the trigger in case I say “let’s not go any further” but he won’t listen? I have to treat every man as a potential rapist?
    America hates women AND thinks men are the epitome of evil and can’t be trusted. Wow.

  10. I’m sorry… What was that?

    A 16-year-old girl was abducted by a bus conductor in the Indian state of Kerala, who then raped her and passed on to others, 42 men raping her in turn for over a month. She was left out in the street severely injured, penniless, and ultimately disgraced, with her family having to move several times because of the mockery of their neighbors.

    “Nobody accepts us; when they see us, they try to avoid us. We don’t go out,” the victim’s father was quoted as saying by India’s NDTV.

    Of the 35 people convicted for raping the teenage girl, all but one were ruled not guilty when Kerala’s High Court reviewed the case three years later. The decision was heavily criticized, some activists claimed the rapists were set free because they were well connected in Kerala.


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