Rape-ish, Rape-esque, Rape-like: What Is Going On?

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  1. Koboyashi says:

    This is on the verge of insanity. One would think that government subsidized abortions were 20% of the 13 trillion dollar debt that the federal government has incurred. What’s even more ridiculous is that they’re trying to do it by reestablishing the definition of the word rape. I’m glad that the new republican majority in the house of representatives is really brainstorming on how to cut federal spending with this inane bill. I’m also glad that the democrats and the republicans have finally agreed on something….they love acting as useless buffoons who who once elected immediately begin planning on how they will be elected for another term instead of taking action on truly important issues like job growth. I guess this system is truly a democracy….or is the right term democracy-esque?

  2. These guys have no intention of legislating. The sole purpose of the Republican party has become “getting elected.” The strategy is two-fold; appeal to their base, & make their base fringier than ever, so no other party can court their vote. Spookily, it seems to be working.

  3. I think Koboyashi really summed it up: “This is on the verge of insanity.”

  4. Thanks for point the finger at both parties, Koboyashi. That’s something that doesn’t happen on this biased site. Ryan asks the question if this abortion measure is our most pressing issue. He’s right in asking that question. I just wonder if he was asking the same question of the Democrats when they were pushing through a social re-engineering agenda instead of focusing on policy that would help the private sector build our economy.

    And mordicai, get real. You obviously weren’t paying attention form 2004-2008 when the sole focus of the Democrats was to get elected. And it worked. Your entire argument applies to both political parties.

  5. The reason people are opposed to abortion has little to do with funding and everything to do with life. A fetus is a baby. Come on guys, start acting like men and stand up for life !!! I think many men think abortion is OK simply because it might get them off the hook for paying child support. If you are truly “Good Men” take a stand for life !!!

  6. From what I’m reading here, it doesn’t sound at all to me like anyone is trying to narrow the definition of rape. It sounds like someone is trying to narrow the definition of which abortions will be paid for with government money.
    You’re also misreading the part about minors. The way it is worded, they are always covered in cases of incest, consent or not. It’s adult women who aren’t automatically covered if they get pregnant via incest.
    I’m not saying this bill is good or shouldn’t be rethought, but let’s not start projecting our feelings about Republicans onto it and claim it’s something that it just isn’t.

  7. Trying to understand this from the perspective of fiscal responsibility is missing the boat and ending up on the other side of the island. I don’t want my tax dollars funding abortions. For any reason. PERIOD.

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