Have You Really Grown Up?

Photo by CarbonNYC

Does everybody stay pretty much the same as we age? Or does it just seem this way to those closest to us?

Uh, Dad, It’s a Rat


Not the best thing to find in the air conditioner.

From Alice in Chains to Ketchup Stains


Last time we met, we were rocking out at an Alice in Chains show. Now, we’re enduring another ketchup-stained dinner with the kids. What happened?

Laid Off? First, Swallow Your Pride

photo by superfantastic

Craig Playstead learns the hard way: The pride the makes us great can also be what takes us down.

Four Steps to Doing Father’s Day Right


Fun, relaxation, and good food. On Father’s Day, simple is best.

10 Things Your Family Can Do Without


8. Chuck E. Cheese:It’s irritating, dirty, the pizza sucks and kids would have more fun with a killer party you put together in your backyard.

Time is Running Out


Soon, the chaos will be gone. And you’ll wish you could have it back.

When I’m A Grown Up, You’ll Be Dead


In one day I don’t think you can get a better example of a lifetime of having kids.

The Tools to Survive


There’s nothing better in life than finding out you’re capable of more than you thought.

Don’t Be THAT Parent


We all know the one. The one who had snack time taken out of your kid’s class because her kid always felt like he didn’t have the best snack.

10 Tips for Kids’ Coaches


Craig Playstead has 20 years’ experience coaching youth sport teams. He’s learned a few things along the way.

The Great Football Debate


Football is awesome, but it can be brutal. Would you let your son play?

Losing Puts Hair on Your Chest


Don’t teach your kids to tolerate losing. Teach them to grow a pair. They’ll learn a whole lot more.

How to Beat Bullying


I remember getting repeatedly punched, and another friend getting his clothes taken from him. And no one did anything.

5 Tips for New and Expectant Fathers


2. Buy a protective cup.

Why Aren’t Your Kids in School?


Each president who takes over touts education as a major priority and each one proves to be blowing smoke up our collective skirt.