About Jeremy John

Jeremy John is the Food and Faith Network Director at the Quixote Center, where he builds alternative economies in faith institutions for food justice, where he landed after Occupy DC remade his hopes and dreams. Jeremy has been an activist ever since he accidentally ate the red pill instead of the more harmless blue one. He converted to Christianity, to his horror, while serving a six-month prison term for civil disobedience to close the School of the Americas. He blogs about faith and activism and tweets about whatever catches his fancy, usually faith.

Is Cooking a Moral Act?

Jeremy John on why men should consider taking responsibility for the cooking necessary: for health, hospitality, and justice.

Impossible Exchange [Poetry]

‘Porn is a hell of not having … of infinite desire laid over the world on a screen.’

Is Evil a Derivative of Good? A Theologian’s View

Jeremy John would like to see us deal directly with the concept of evil. Here’s how he thinks about it.

My Subversion Experiment

Jeremy John looks at the type of faith and belief can arise from experimentation with truth.

“I Will Continue to Break Laws”: A Statement at Sentencing

Jeremy John was sent to prison for six months for civil disobedience. This is what he said to the judge at his sentencing.