About Jo Gilbert

Jo is an independent consultant, tireless advocate and committed ethical practitioner. 28 years professional experience with marginalized and oppressed demographics has strengthened Jo's dedication to issues that concern social justice and civil and human rights for disenfranchised groups.
Jo is always interested in hearing about opportunities to be involved with campaigns or interventions that support safety, equality and respect. Innovative, humorous, fun; these are ways in which education is most effective and retention is most likely. Currently involved a few exciting projects, Jo is supporting the Shehugger campaign to remove the language of violence from our culture and works towards increased understanding and appreciation of diverse experience. You can contact Jo in various ways:
Twitter : Jo@Jo_Hugger
email jo@publicspectacle.org
Public Spectacle site: www.publicspectacle.org
Personal website: www.jogilbert.com

Litterbox Guarding

Questioning someone’s right to be in a public restroom is a form of bullying.