About Mark D White

Mark D. White is a professor in the Department of Political Science, Economics, and Philosophy at the College of Staten Island/CUNY, where he teaches courses in economics, philosophy, and law. He has written and edited a number of scholarly and popular books, and blogs at Psychology Today, Economics and Ethics, and The Comics Professor.

How Do Men Think About Sex?

Mark D. White challenges a Wall Street Journal article that uses tired and insulting clichés about men and sex.

Shouldn’t the Iowa Supreme Court – And The Rest of Us – Expect More From Men?

Mark D. White takes the Iowa Supreme Court to task for furthering the myth that men can’t control themselves around attractive women

Finding the Balance in Dating

Mark White insists that finding the balance in dating comes with no longer trying to find the balance.

Can Captain America Heal a Divided Nation?

Mark D. White reflects on how different versions of Captain America have approached the presidency, and just what form of patriotism he embodies.

‘Why Men Fail’? How About ‘How Can We Succeed?’

Mark D White insists that men aren’t failing—they’re rethinking what it means to be good men.

Supreme Court Rules Jailhouse Strip Searches Legal

Mark D. White examines the today’s Supreme Court ruling about the legality of strip searches in US jails.

Holy Crap: Belvedere’s Despicable Rape Ad

Does Belvedere really think the problem with this image and tagline is the promotion of irresponsible drinking?

Is Being “Half a Partner” to Somebody Enough?

Mark D. White wonders if anybody is hurt in an open emotional affair.

Why I Read Superhero Comics

The best superhero comics show us that you don’t need superpowers or gadgets to be a hero.

Love With Abandon

If you are trying to control love or fit it into your life, says Mark D. White, don’t bother. Let it change you.

In Search Of The Elusive ‘It’

Mark White explains how the elusive “It Factor” can make or break a relationship

The “Good Man” Is a Response to the Myth of the “Bad Man”

Mark D. White responds to Tom Matlack’s Post “What Is a ‘Good’ Man?”

After 40 Years, What Now?

Mark D. White turns forty, quotes Tolstoy realizes the meaning of life is up to him, and wonders when “good” is “good enough”

Beauty or Brains: Which is More Important to Emphasize?

Women have every right to be recognized, respected, and admired for their intelligence, creativity, and character. But they often want to be appreciated for their looks as well.

Do Women Have Better Friendships Than Men?

Some commenters in ‘The New York Times’ think so.

Cheating: Who Draws the Line?

In a healthy relationship, both sides determine what’s cheating and what isn’t.