Kids Prefer Math When You Let Them Figure Out the Answer for Themselves


Rather than having teachers instruct students on solution methods, many students prefer to work out solutions by themselves or by working with other students.

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Is Student Loan Debt Really a Crisis?


For many borrowers — particularly those with advanced degrees — a high debt is far from a crisis.

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Tapping into Kids’ Passion for Minecraft in the Classroom


Minecraft is not just the world’s most successful PC game – teachers are now using it in the classroom to get kids excited about learning.

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Teachers on the Frontline Against Terror


What should schools do about radicalisation? From July 1, schools in the UK have a legal duty to prevent pupils being radicalised.

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Bernie Sanders is Right: College Should Be Free For Everyone


No one deserves a lifetime of debt.

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4 Easy Ways to Invest in Yourself


Be the best you can be. That’s an admirable goal!

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Learning to Learn: 10 Steps to Becoming a Lifelong Learner

learning to learn

The most important thing we can learn is how to keep learning.

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Front-Loading Change: Why Scott Walker is so Wrong (or Maybe Right?)


If our assumption is that education is supposed to benefit children, then Scott Walker is wrong. But maybe he’s working under different assumptions.

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Is Academic Freedom a License to Provoke Without Consequences?

academic freedom

Recent cases of tweets by a Boston University professor about racism and others have raised questions about what might be the limits to academic freedom.

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Get Laid or Get an Education? What’s it Gonna Be?

graduation party

To graduate or not to graduate? It’s a treacherous dichotomy based on a false premise.

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Compulsory Science and Maths is Great but There’s More to be Done

math and science

We need to start teaching maths and science as early as possible to get the most benefit.

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With Harsher Disciplinary Measures, School Systems Fail Black Kids

black students

Black students get suspended or expelled at a rate three times greater than white students. The cost: they fall behind in school, and the cycle of poverty and failure is perpetuated.

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Consider This My Resignation: On Walking Away


“My heart believes in the profound and transformative power of education, but my mind tells me that everybody, especially you, will continue to lose with each decision that supports the status quo.”

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Feelings are as Important as Grades to Teenagers. Can Schools Help?

teen emotion s

There is lot on the minds of teens other than school, grades and friends. Research shows being asked “prying” questions could make a real difference to their mental health.

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When A Late Paper is the Least of Her Problems


Sometimes life doesn’t work well within syllabus guidelines. Professor and writer Jocelyn Pihlaja learns an all-too-familiar lesson regarding late policies and the continuing student.  — Her eyes filled with tears as I spoke. “Yup, you will lose twenty points on your essay if you submit it today. The policy is that you lose ten points for each day that […]

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What to do When Your Child is the Bully, Rather than the Victim?


Bullying in schools is a subject that is talked about a lot. One of the quieter areas of discussion and research is the experience of parents whose child is responsible for harassing and victimising others.

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