Skull Measurements, Achievement Data And The Destruction Of The Public School System


William Boyle on the history of eugenics, and how it’s still harming our kids today.

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Deleting the “R” Word, What Men Can Do

college men

As dads, brothers, sons, teachers and coaches we have the influence to make the “R” word a thing of the past.

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Is Being The “Storied Man” In College Worth It?


College is a new opportunity to completely rebuild your reputation.

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Billions of Education Dollars Left Unused


Students are failing to ask for financial aid

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Connect Four To Solve Education


Administrators, teachers, parents, and kids

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For a Better Society, Teach Philosophy in High Schools

High School Class

Anger — in both politics and everyday life — is largely a reaction to fear, and fear can be lessened exponentially through learning philosophy.

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College, Manhood, and Exams

College Exams and Manhood photo by Ryan McGilchrist

Aaron W. Voyles looks back on the ways male hierarchy was perpetuated in his college years.

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Teaching Creativity


Are we born that way or are we waiting for the muse?

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Learning Math and Nutrition at the Holiday Station Store


Every event is a teachable moment.

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7 Life Lessons I’ve Learned from My Students


Kent Sanders has found that life is a classroom, and when it comes to success his students have something to teach him.

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Five Things Teachers Want From Parents of Boys


Boys may struggle in school—but it’s not an unsolvable problem. Here’s how you can help the teacher help your boy to succeed.

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Judge Scott Walker On His Record, Not His Education


Should a college degree be a necessary prerequisite to being president, or is a degree unnecessary?

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What Goes on in Teachers’ Brains as They Help Students to Learn


Humans spend an enormous amount of time and effort thinking about other people.

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YouTube a Valuable Educational Tool


For more than cat videos, you can harness Youtube to power your mind.

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How I Got My Son Back Into School With an Unconventional Solution


Extreme challenges kept one mother’s son home from school, endangering his graduation, until she hit upon a last-ditch answer.

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