Real Beauty: Distinguishing Truth From Fairy Tale

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We’ve created make-believe conceptions of beauty for ourselves, and neither men nor women can ever live up to them.

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“You Are Not Beautiful to Me. You Are Gorgeous to Me.”

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It might be a cliche, Gordon Pearson writes, but beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.

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Dear Anonymous Male: Here’s My Take On ‘The Beauty Paradox’

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Mik from Australia responds to our commenter Anonymous Male on why there is a seeming paradox when it comes to men and women and beauty.

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A Paradox about Men, Sexual Attraction, Women, Beauty

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On the one hand, men are portrayed as ravenous sexual beings who sleep with anything that moves. On the other, they have totally unrealistic expectations about beauty, wanting only the ‘hot babe’. Paradox?

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Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful

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‘Only when women truly accept and believe in the beauty they posses will others appreciate and respect them for it.’

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Women, the Media, and ‘Miss Representation’

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‘Miss Representation’ is trying to change the way women are portrayed in the media.

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Are Women Addicted to Beauty?

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Tom Matlack asked 12 women about their understanding of women’s relationship with beauty. Why did he hear almost nothing in response?

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Her Looks, Your Status: Why Men’s Claims Not to Care About Beauty Ring Hollow

Man and Two Women in Bed Together

Male sexual desire, Hugo Schwyzer writes, is shaped by a desire for the approval of other men.

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Chasing Beauty: An Addict’s Memoir

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Lisa Hickey was beautiful twice, and she hated herself for it.

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The Ugly Duckling as Gender-Neutral Beauty Ideal

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‘The Ugly Duckling’ provides a lesson in beauty and acceptance for everyone, regardless of gender.

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