A Father’s Lesson on Living a Passionate Life

4753375856_7a0d9ff3c8_zAre you living life with passion?

There are too many guys that work at jobs or careers they hate.

I love sharing what I’ve learned in my life to help other people. I started my podcast, Goal Getting Podcast, to share information about how our subconscious mind can play goalie for the other team, blocking our goals and dreams. This is for another article, but it is related to our subject of passion, and what I tried to teach and still do teach to others, including my kids. Passion is important for us as we go through life. There are three areas we must be passionate about.


1. Labor

There are too many guys that work at jobs or careers they hate. They have a hard time getting up in the morning, dragging themselves out of bed to go to work. Have you been in line at a grocery store, for instance, and the cashier is rude, doesn’t pay attention to you and displays an attitude of not wanting to be there? I’ve worked retail, and it wasn’t my favorite job, but I tried to portray an attitude of customer service.

If you have a job you hate, STOP doing it! Find something you love to do. What is it? A couple of years ago I was there. I wasn’t enjoying what I was doing. It was affecting my day. I started thinking about where I was working or what I was doing when I was the happiest at work. What did I do that made me feel good about me?

I realized I was happiest when I was training people, speaking to audiences, networking with business people and helping them grow their businesses. I decided I needed to change careers and find a career that fulfilled my passions. I started training for a career as a community manager and social media marketing person. I would be able to train others, network, and speak to audiences. Find what you love to do, what makes you happy and see if you can find a way to earn an income doing it.

2. Love

Passion is important in love as well. When I speak about passion, I’m not talking about that. OK, they say opposites attract, but that’s only for a little while. It makes for great sex, but then, later, well….. If the person you fall in love with isn’t passionate about the things you are, the relationship will not work out. 

Find someone that shares the likes, interests and loves that you are passionate about. You should have the same mission, values, and character. If you are not passionate about the same things, it will be hard to share the time with that passion without the other person. Build a life on your passions and you will thrive with a lifelong relationship.

3. Life

I received a phone call one morning from my daughter. She was in tears. This is not a call a dad wants to get first thing in the morning. She was supposed to be getting married shortly. Don’t tell me something happened. She proceeded to tell me that one of her and her fiancé’s best friends, Woody, had he died that morning. Woody was in his early 30’s. He was planning on being the best man at my daughter’s fiancé. 

He and my daughter were old college buddies. He was about to propose to his longtime girlfriend. Woody, had gotten sick right before Thanksgiving and like many young men, thinking they are invincible didn’t go to the doctor. The illness became worse, and he was finally forced to go to the doctor. He had to go into surgery for the illness and didn’t survive the surgery. This reminded me of the third area we should all have a passion for–life.

Take that passion and be it! Take that passion and do it!

Along with the other two L’s, we should have a passion for life. We should not be afraid to do the things we want to do. Do you have something you want to do in life? Do you want to start a business but have been too afraid to do it? Have you always wanted to take that trip somewhere but were afraid to? Do you worry about what others think about your ideas? Stop it. If you have a passion for something, Do it. Not next year, not tomorrow, TODAY!


Take that passion and be it! Take that passion and do it! Take your passion that you have and live it. You don’t know when you are going to die. You can only live. Have a passion for life. Live a passionate life!

If I can share anything with you, my child, it’s to have Passion in these three L’s:

  • Be Passionate in Labor
  • Be Passionate in Love
  • Be Passionate in Life

Go out today and “Live a Passionate Life.”

Photo: Flickr/ Maria Rosaria Sannino

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Tony Woodall is the Founder and Host of the Goal Getting Podcast. An award winning public speaker, Tony shares his Goal Achievement Success System on the podcast, mentoring and in seminars so he can help others Get The Goals They Set. Tony works as the Internal Community Manager for First Republic Bank in San Francisco and is a leader in Toastmasters. A native of Atlanta, GA, Tony and his wife Lise now live in the San Francisco Bay Area with their Yorkie, Sophie. They love their daughters, Courtney and Melissa and their son-in-law Shawn.

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