Why Everyone is So Mad at Richard Sherman

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Keith Ackers was an original contributor to The Good Men Project Book. He is a longtime media executive, currently working with national broadcast companies and local television stations around the country. He has served as Managing Editor for America's Most Wanted, and was Executive Producer at WTTG in Washington during 9/11 and the chaotic news cycle that followed. Keith lives outside Philadelphia with his wife and two kids, spending way too much time watching sports and regretting only that he cannot spend more time watching sports.


  1. You mention Jordan as someone universally beloved, but let’s not forget he was a HUGE trash-talker. A quick google search just revealed him as ranking #2 on an all-time list of best/biggest trash-talkers:

    Number 2

    Michael Jordan
    In the ‘80s and ‘90s, trash talking was high art, and Michael Jordan was the king of the castle. In a game against the Denver Nuggets, Jordan stepped to the foul line and told rookie Dikembe Mutombo that he would shoot the free throw with his eyes closed. Before he did, he looked at Mutombo and said, “This one’s for you.” Then he closed his eyes, hit the shot and told Mutombo, “Welcome to the NBA.”
    Throughout his career, Jordan craved a psychological edge, and trash talking helped him see opponents as potential victims that he could demoralize by winning both the game and the war of words. Most importantly, there was always a purpose to Jordan’s trash talking, as if predicting something was the catalyst he needed to just do it. The most humbling part for opponents must have been the trash-talking aftermath, when Jordan would get in his defender’s face with a big grin and recap the great move he had just made at their expense.

  2. Yeah, because those people are all the same and they’re inferior. Recognize that narrative from anywhere? Add to racism if you’d like, and I do understand to some degree why you feel that way– it’s justifiable, sort of! But I hope you reconsider the way you think about this stuff.

  3. “But lack of graciousness or humility is the current cardinal sin in pro sports.”

    It is really the cardinal sin of American society today, not just sports. It all started with this ‘love yourself’ nonsense. Or ‘you deserve to be happy.’ So, are you really surprised?

    A fish rots from the head down. Today’s society merely reflects the outsize largess of the current ruling elites. Everything is done to excess!

    I was watching the Sherman interview. I think he was just so ticked off with all the jawing with Crabtree….It’s sports folks! Muhammad Ali did this all the time.

    Yes, he should have talked about the terrific effort of the defense and his teammates. But, it became a personal battle with Crabtree.

  4. I disliked the Richard Sherman rant because it sounded selfish and immature. In the biggest moment of his career to date, his actions sent his team to the Super Bowl. There was so much to celebrate at that moment. But what did Sherman talk about instead? Himself. “I’m the best!” and “Don’t try me!” Really?? On the field, have at it. Talk it up. It’s the heat of battle. But after you’ve won and your team is going to the Super Bowl, to make a ridiculous spectacle of himself was just off-putting. Black, white…doesn’t matter. I would’ve had the same opinion.

    Maybe it’s because I’m a Patriots fan who has watched Bill Belichick coached teams for the last 14 years. You’ll never hear any of those players talking about themselves or taking credit. And when Wes Welker (a white guy) made cracks about Rex Ryan’s foot fetish in a press conference, Welker was benched for the entire first quarter of the ensuing playoff game.

    In short, it’s not the worst thing in the world. But it was a weak move for a great player who could’ve just let his exemplary performance do the talking. Shutdown corners only last for a few years at that level if they’re lucky, so we’ll see how Sherman handles himself down the road.


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