Poll: How Often Do You Practice Safe Sex?

How often do you use condoms, and would you benefit from a subscription service for them?

For obvious health reasons, everyone knows they should be practicing safe sex. However, now there is an additional incentive to engage in hot passion. Lucky Bloke, the ultimate condom subscription service (offering personal condom collections for one-time or monthly delivery) has rolled out a new initiative – Mission: Great Sex!

Mission: Great Sex! is an innovative condom review program, as well as a global safe sex campaign. Lucky Bloke is looking for men and women (in every demographic) to participate in the testing and review of the world’s best condoms. Featured brands include: Okamoto, Kimono, GLYDE, Billy Boy, RFSU, ONE, Lifestyles, Proper Attire, TROJAN, Durex, and the FC2 Female Condom.

Participants of Lucky Bloke’s program will receive free premium condoms to sample at their discretion. They will then complete their confidential, anonymous reviews via multiple choice online questionnaires. Additionally, Lucky Bloke will be sending select reviewers two brand-new (just released to the market) condoms: ONE Tantric Pleasures and TROJAN Charged, Trojan’s sexual enhancement condom.

To participate in Mission: Great Sex! apply at http://LuckyBloke.com/GreatSex. Once the extensive data is compiled, Lucky Bloke will notify the world as to which condoms are positively superior to all the rest.

When I asked Lucky Bloke’s Founder & CEO, Melissa White, about her ground-breaking initiative, she had this to say: “Safe sex should be great sex. The innovations in the condom industry are to be applauded, but their work isn’t over yet. It’s time for discerning condom users across the globe to unite — first testing the best of what’s available and then really weighing in on what they like and what they want. Mission: Great Sex! is an unprecedented platform for starting this discussion.”

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is Mission: Great Sex! – Godspeed, my friends.


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  1. I am continually looking online for posts that can assist me. Thanks!

  2. RedRider says:

    Can we get a larger Likert scale? My answer would be “most of the time”.

  3. An often ignored use of condoms – used to practice safe sex when sharing toys. It might sound like overkill, but it really is advisable…especially if you’re sharing a sex toy between partners during a single encounter.

  4. try “pies” its way more fun than “piv” sex

  5. Safe sex in terms of preventing STIs, or safe sex in terms of preventing pregnancy?

    I do nothing to protect against STIs because I’m in a monogamous marriage and neither of us has an STI or a history of STIs. So that answer would be Never.
    But aside from a few rare instances of risky behavior, I’ve been protecting myself from pregnancy in non-condom ways (patch, ring, IUD) for almost as long as I’ve been sexually active – that first year, when I was a teen, was all condoms until I worked up the nerve to talk to my mom about contraception. So that answer would be a qualified Always.

    Wouldn’t a more appropriate question for this article & poll be, how often do you use condoms?

  6. Valter Viglietti says:

    I know I’ll sound very “bad man”, but I almost never used condoms. I really hate them.
    When facing the choice of “condom sex or no sex”, I usually went for no sex, thank you.

    • You’d skip a whole body, personal orgasmic, intimate experience all because of a condom?? I find that astonishing. Makes it sound like its all about that one moment, out of an entire experience that counts. Safe sex is so important, and while condoms can be annoying no way would I miss a great experience just for that. Sex, safe and non procreative sex can come with annoyances. From remembering to take pills to side effects from them to condoms and dental dams, and if there was a male pill/risug I’m sure there might be annoyances there too. Worth the safety, and the. One should get into a secure mono relationship with testing to go condom free.

      • Valter Viglietti says:

        “You’d skip a whole body, personal orgasmic, intimate experience all because of a condom??”

        Nope. Condom sex has never felt that way to me. Usually it has been a “Meh” experience, at its best a “Well, it’s been nice, I think” one. Nothing to write home about, so nothing much to lose.
        I’d rather cuddle. 🙂
        And, I can have good sex even without PIV. 😉

      • Peter Houlihan says:

        I’m sort of with him there, PIV isn’t all that big a thing for me. I’d use a condom for my partner but they really don’t feel great.

  7. The Wet One says:

    Because I’m in a monogamous relationship, I guess I have to say, “I always practice safe sex.”

    I imagine that a few of yous are surprised by that, but there it is.

  8. prometheus1666 says:

    Im a “never” as well..

  9. Never but that’s because I can’t get laid.

  10. Jake Armstrong says:

    It doesn’t surprise me that The Good Men Project would feature such an awesome company and great idea! I have ordered from Lucky Bloke and their service is top notch. Their selection is great too. I just signed up for the Condom Review and hope to get chosen! (Ha, maybe this post will help! LOL)

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