Gus Johnston: The Reality of Homophobia in Sport


One of our contributors Kile Ozier sent us this video. Kile writes, “this is a powerful conversation and exploration of manhood / masculinity / sexuality / sport…and gripping; for me, at least.”

It’s the story of Gus Johnston a hockey goaltender in Australia: “After many years of competing in hockey at an elite level, I’ve decided to share my story and experience with homophobia in sport. It’s taken me many years to find the strength to share it, but I hope that people find value in hearing it.”

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  1. Team sports is probably one of the toughest and most unique venues to deal with the issue of homosexuality, specifically because of the relative intimacy of the locker room – which is where a lot of bonding occurs.

    Just as I understand why some female athletes may not feel comfortable being watched showering and/or changing by males, I understand why some heterosexual male athletes may not be comfortable being watched showering and/or changing by homosexual males.

    In neither case is it necessarily due to any phobia on their parts.

    But, this does leave the dilemma of how to equally bond as a team with one or more homosexual team-mates. For some, that may not be possible, at least anytime soon.

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