Time Magazine: Tom Matlack Defends Fathers’ Involvement in Kids’ Sex Ed

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  1. What do you think? Are most dads equipped to talk to their sons about sex early on, such as at age 10, which is what the article suggests?
    Most, but not all, yes.
    And in any case, it’s probably better than learning “through the grapevine” of bragging (older) friends or via internet p0rn.

    How can fathers be prepared to tackle this subject with boys of such a young age?
    IDK. Luckily I don’t have kids and I’m not going to have any.

    How did your dad talk to you about sex, puberty and maturity?
    He didn’t.

  2. 25+ years ago, mother’s weren’t active and involved parents either. The difference was that Mom and Dad most often remained married, worked as a team and instilled discipline and morals in their children.

    Now, helicopter parenting and being your child’s best friend is considered active and involved parenting.

    Mom’s aren’t socialized to tackle the topic of male sexuality either, except to make boys feel bad about themselves.

  3. My mom would pick out a book at the library and add it to the stack I took out every week….perhaps that is one way of opening up a conversation about a difficult topic, like sexual reproduction…there are pictures and words you can point at if it is too difficult to say them….

  4. Lim Kuan Keat says:

    Like most Asian parents, mine never talked to me about sex. What I knew came from books, magazines, the Internet, and friends. Somehow or another, I managed to turn out okay; I’m happily married at the age of 30, and I gave my virginity away to my lovely wife (who was also a virgin). However, my mother did always warned me that if I were to get a girlfriend while I was still studying, she’d cut off my dick. I guess the not-so-subtle threat worked.

    I don’t think I’ll use the same threat when I’ve kids. But I’ll definitely educate them about their bodies and tell them to treat it with respect. And that the Internet is a really lousy teacher on the complexities of sex.

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