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  1. After finding out that my wife is pregnant with twins, 4 year old Jonathan exclaimed “Twins?? Open your mouth! I want to see them!!” :)

  2. I love B. toys and their quotes are awesome. My daughter, 4, has a bunch of silly things she has said and does say. I love it!

  3. Kyle Wilbers says:

    After my wife had called me by my proper name (Kyle) my 20mth old son turns to me and says “Kyle…Dad” realizing that the names were one in the same. It was a proud moment.

  4. Heather Lee says:

    I got my niece a “write your own fairy tale” art kit for her birthday and was helping her get started. She had decorated the first page and was ready to start writing her tale. She sat puzzled for a moment, so to prompt her I asked “How do fairytales begin?” She sat thoughtfully for a few moments before very seriously answering, “F!”

    I love B. Toys! <3

    ~Heather Lee

  5. I hope I did it right!

  6. From the mouth of my 5 yr old son Ethan: “Mommy can I tell you something? 1 time Daddy was mowing the lawn and I snuck inside and had a brownie! AND I had already had dessert!” (with sheepish look on his face).

  7. Yamileth Nunez says:

    We are having dinner and my 6 year old niece asks:
    “So what does God eats when he is hungry?”

    We didn’t know what to say lol

  8. Shellie Cadogan says:

    One night while reading my 2 year old granddaughter a bedtime story, she politely informed me she would tell me the story, so I said OK….
    She began with
    “Once upon a time in a house a lot quieter than ours…” (I have five girls)

    I nearly fell out of bed at the seriousness of her tone.

  9. Judy Kerber says:

    My son Lucas who is almost two years old has been saying, “lucas ear go beep beep!”

  10. I was just wondering how we will know if you got our quote? I sent one in a little while ago. Thanks. Email is winterpoet 13 @ gmail (dot) com.

  11. angel tafoya says:

    Me, “Zahk, do you think mommys pretty?… Zahkcory 3 years old, ” Nope (shakes his head)……You’re HOT….( points at me and grins)!!”

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