The 10 at 10


1. Did Bill O’Reilly have a police officer investigated because he slept with O’Reilly’s wife?

2. In some parts of New England, Irene’s ramifications are still being felt.

3. New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg’s attempts at Spanish are now the subject of a parody Twitter account.

4. Kevin Durant and Brandon Jennings had a Twitter fight.

5. One more Twitter-related: Gilbert Arenas shut down his after being called out as misogynistic by comedian Joe Mande.

6. The American Museum of Natural History has created a video that shows all of known space.

7. James Franco returns to General Hospital.

8. Frank Rich on 9/11 in this month’s New York magazine.

9. Silicon Valley has a new self-help guru.

10. The Libyan rebels aren’t interested in UN military assistance.

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