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Ozy Frantz is a student at a well-respected Hippie College in the United States. Zie bases most of zir life decisions on Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, and identifies more closely with Pinkie Pie than is probably necessary. Ozy can be contacted at [email protected] or on Twitter as @ozyfrantz. Writing is presently Ozy's primary means of support, so to tip the blogger, click here.


  1. Emmeline says:

    I just read the entire thread on “The R Word” and now I feel so very tired. I’ve discussed rape jokes before (rape victim, making it funny helps me cope, but needs to be smart humor ripping on the rapist), but why on earth is it so important for – I’m going to assume and I’m sorry – some middle-class gamers to use a loaded word for funsies?

    On a possibly hypocritical note, if I admitted to have done research on the difference between (professional and fairly mainstream) fetishized rape videos of males playing victims and fetishized rape videos of females playing victims, finding some (to me) fairly interesting conclusions of how they’re both directed to act, would everyone think I’m a sick fuck and hate me?

    • It doesn’t seem hypocritical to me, nor sick. Even if the portrayal of rape is problematic, I don’t think that makes examining that portrayal problematic.

      As long as you put trigger warnings in appropriate places and so forth, I can’t see that it would give people any reason to hate you.

    • PsyConomics says:

      I agree wholeheartedly with Fnord.

      Choose your words carefully, construct your writings as respectfully (perhaps even with a borderline clinical tone), and you’ll be fine.

      Properly conducted and respectful research showing a sexist/hateful measurement of a social construct is not sexist/hateful, the research itself becomes sexist/hateful only when a sexist/hateful bias affects the outcome. Even then it might not be a total loss since if the bias is pointed out and fixed, the research is once again grand. The horror stories one hears about research in sensitive topic revolves around bigoted researchers who refuse to believe that they are bigoted in any way.

  2. Thanks for the plug, Ozy :)

  3. Partially in response to the The Nation article: (Wow, I never thought I’d see a time when it’s grammatically correct to use the word “the” twice in a row)

    In the U.S. these days, if you’re employed, you shouldn’t have kids. The current mix of corporate culture and child-safety laws makes this highly impractical at best and horribly messed-up at worst.

    If you’re unemployed and have kids, that’s even worse, unless you have significant access to wealth (half a million saved up, the other parent has a job that pays at least upper-middle-class wages, your relatives are very well off and willing to chip in, you’re living in a multi-family and/or poly household and the only one[s] currently having kids, etc.). Since most people don’t, that’s quite a bind there.

    Okay, I exaggerate somewhat, but this is a serious problem.

  4. Trigger warning for rape culture:
    He’s right about the common use of ‘rape’ in video game parlance being a recent development. About 2-7 years ago, it was VERY OCCASIONALLY used to describe certain extremely cheap tactics in video games. Still not OK, of course.

    For example, in this space flight game I used to play, ‘dock rape’ was used to describe blowing up somebody’s spaceship just when they were docking with a space station and therefore couldn’t move. People never constantly said it, NEVER in the first person, and it was mostly used to describe super cheap shots, or alternatively to describe ‘griefing’ or itentionallly spoiling the game for others.

    Now I’m in college and my stupid roomates who play Leauge of Legends for ten hours a day are like ‘rape rape rape’. I called them out on this. They decreased it. A little. Sheesh.

    It’s always seemed so incredibly tragic and flawed how human minds can be so badly damaged by a single incident; so paralyzed by fear. One day, this weakness will be mended. That which is intrinsic to humanity and the human power is not natural humanity, but men and women made by exemplars of human wisdom and science.

    • The community for the game Tribes series of games, starting with Starsiege: Tribes in 1998, has long used the term “base rape”, referring to the strategy of repeatedly destroying the structures in the enemy base in order to prevent the enemy team from launching an effective counterattack. It’s worth noting, though, that this is used more in the sense of rapine than sexual assault, and that it was never directed at individuals.

  5. Wait up, aren’t both examples of lesbians in the Boing Boing article actually trans men?

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