Bear Our Angry Faces

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About Matthew Salesses

Matthew Salesses was adopted from Korea at age two and lives in Boston with his wife, baby, and cats. He has written for The New York Times Motherlode blog, NPR, Hyphen, The Rumpus, and other venues. His new book is I'm Not Saying, I'm Just Saying. See more at his eponymous website. Contact him via email or @salesses.


  1. [...] and night. Here’s a column about its possible end, cat politics, Korean dramas, and crying. “Bear Our Angry Faces.” She holds a tomato in her hand like a grenade. She says the baby is gurgling inside of [...]

  2. [...] sometimes we remember that the reason we can’t have another baby is: pregnancy. We remember the morning sickness, all day. We remember the ER visits. We remember the cold allergy (which never went away). We remember the [...]

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