#50: Houseguest

#50: Houseguest

The fire started with a space heater in the room where two-month-old Tamryn Cook slept.

Jason Hood was staying with the family of Mark Holston, Tamryn’s grandfather and guardian. One morning, as was their custom, Holston had taken his girlfriend to work and asked Hood to listen for the baby.

“I was laying there in the bed and I could hear something,” Hood says in the Mansfield News Journal. “I thought, ‘That ain’t right.’ I got up and her whole room was on fire.

“I took off running and the flames were so bad, I ran through the flames. There was nothing else I could think of and I grabbed the baby and ran to the neighbor’s house.”

In a news report from 10TV.com, Jason Hood tours the ruined home, pointing out where he “had to make a decison, whether he was going to run through the flames. That was the hottest part, and I did.”

By the time fire crews arrived, the room was destroyed. The crib where Tamryn had slept hours earlier was part of a sodden, molten pile outside the bedroom window.


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  1. Thank youf or sharing this. Note that he deoesn’t see himself as the hero that he truly is.


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