Ike and Tina: A Second-Hand Indignation

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  1. Amanda,,,I grew up during this era and frankly Ike Turner, for all of his faults, was used by the feminist movement, by Tina Turner and by Oprah to push various agendas. He was used as a rallying cry, much like some have tried to use Chris Brown and others the same way, to fire up the base and raise money for the cause.Who are you or I to say that someone doesn’t deserve forgiveness.

    If you or I desire we can easily find plenty of examples of women behaving just as badly as Ike Turner and worse. And we now know that at the same time women were complaining about dv and rape they were also committing like crimes. The only difference is these women are protected and Ike was not

    .Furthermore,Ike Turner was also used as a tool to bludgeon all men and to make all men, innocent or not,(in particular, blackmen) feel like they were Ike Turner. Who are these people who think that they possess some kind of omnipotent moral authority as if they breathe life into humanity? Who are these people who act as if only certain folks, that they approve of, should be granted forgiveness while others are permanently ostracized? Should I not forgive my own alcoholic and abusive mother?

    These are some of the many reasons that feminism is not trusted. Ike, like all of was is imperfect. Such is the cost of humanity.When we stop forgiving each other humanity is lost, Let Ike rest in peace. He isn’t troubling anyone anymore.

    • Almost all domestic violence, by pure statistic, is perpetrated by men. Men are capable of breaking bones, disfiguring, disabling and killing women in ways women are not capable of doing to most men. Again, by pure statistic, most women use violence in relationships as a means to rebut violence, not as a means of control, domination or terrorism. There are exceptions. But the women’s movement does NOT (and never has) painted all men as domestic abusers. It has pointed out the abject imbalance of power in male-female relationships and its costs to society. Forgiveness is something we can give individually; it is not women’s responsibility to forgive on-going mis-use of power .

  2. Terry Washington says:

    Whilst i won’t condone Ike Turner’s abuse of his wife, I think he was(just as Chris Brown vis a vis Rihanna is nowadays or “Mister” was in the film version of “The Colour Purple”) made the “poster boy” for spousal abuse( as if only African American men beat their wives).


  3. Edgar…The effectiveness of your argument is hampered by the narrowness of your perspective.

  4. Edgar…If one were to expand the net that is typically cast into the waters of this discussion, a very different picture of abuse settles into view. Let’s, for a moment, widen the definition of DV ( we will deal with rape later) to include woman on woman violence and woman to child abuses.

    Once that is done, the efficacy of your argument is fundamentally challenged in ways that can’t simply be blown off by announcing some oft repeated feminists talking points. Rape and dv among lesbians is the same as in every other demographic group in America. So, lesbians and children and men are victims of chronic female violence.

    This is a widely held view that most mainstream feminists are reluctant to openly discuss with the same verve as they discuss dv that happens to them. DV and rape are not a gender problem, it is a human problem. Where in the hell in the leadership on these issues from feminists?

  5. Terry…I felt that way years ago, that the mainstream media turned it into a racial thing and there is evidence to support such a contention. Nonetheless, a page has been turned and all men have been victimized, for the benefit of the feminists movement and for the media to make money. Understand that lesbians were asking questions about dv and rape in their communities as early as the 70′s, but their leaders lacked the courage to push the issue. They have yet to find that courage, but it must be said they are leaps and bounds in front of straight women.

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