About Andrea Doucet

Andrea Doucet is Professor of Sociology at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada and the author of the award-winning book, Do Men Mother?. She is the Editor of the international journal Fathering and is writing a book on breadwinning moms and their male partners (tentatively) titled The Bread and Roses Project: Breadwinning Moms, Caregiving Dads and a New “Problem with No Name”. Andrea has been married for 25 years to the same good man (who makes her laugh almost every day) and they have shared the parenting of three daughters (ages 21, and 17 year-old twins). Find Andrea on Twitter.

Fathering + Feminism = Oil + Water?

Despite progress, a gender difference in parenting remains: men and women are judged, treated, and viewed differently as parents.

Sexy Headlines and Skimpy Science: The Debate on Women and Attractive Husbands

Andrea Doucet reviews the research on whether women should “go ugly” and draws some conclusions.

MRAs and Feminism: Finding a Space for Fathers

Author and scholar Andrea Doucet suggests a new way to understand the often overheated debate between men’s rights groups and feminists.

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Breadwinning Wife Defends ‘Slower Pace’ Men

Professor, author, and breadwinning wife Andrea Doucet is startled by the portrayal of men in Hanna Rosin’s recent Slate story.