About Carsten Fleck

Carsten Fleck is a photographer who lives and works in New York City. His photographs "find beauty in imperfection and directness. His photography is about beauty with an edge, beauty that is interesting and is able to affect the viewer emotionally." OUT is a multimedia project which shows how 18 gay men and women, some prominently known, came out to their friends and family. Visit him at http://carstenfleck.com

Marc Bouwer’s Coming Out Story: ‘When I Started Having Thoughts About Boys, I Thought I Was Going to Hell’

Marc Bouwer talks about growing up during Apartheid, fearing the apocalypse every time it thundered, and waking up with stars in his eyes.

David Rhodes’ Coming Out Story: “We Remain Married, and I’ve Been Out for 15 Years”

David Rhodes talks about what it was like growing up gay with two Freudian psychoanalysts for parents.

Amanda Lepore’s Coming Out Story: ‘I Always Thought I Was a Girl’

Amanda Lepore talks about her childhood as a boy who wanted to be a girl.

Mark Nelson’s Coming Out Story: ‘Mary’s Really Michael’

Mark Nelson says we should all just be ourselves. And if anyone doesn’t like it, screw them.

“In 1945, We Had Not Yet Invented Gay People” Duane Michal’s Coming Out Story

Carsten Fleck created a multimedia project on how 18 gay men and women came out to their families and friends. Here’s Duane Michal’s story.