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Cooper Fleishman is managing editor of HyperVocal.com. After graduating from Kenyon College in 2009, he moved to New York to follow his dream of book-publishing glory. Once here, he sold dog food on the street and copyedited celebrity-gossip tabloids, finally landing as senior editor of the Good Men Project, where he served for a year before sneaking into HyperVocal. Email: cooper@hypervocal.com Twitter: @_cooper.

Man-to-Man With American in Israel Who is Protesting Mandatory National Service

Cooper Fleishman sits down with Moriel Rothman, an American in Israel who will go to jail rather than be forced to join the Israeli Armed Forces.

Dad Finds Porn on Son’s Computer, Leaves Compassionate Note

Upon finding porn on his son’s computer, a father leaves him a note full of love, empathy and compassion… And tips for getting virus-free pornography.

Rage’s Tom Morello Tells Paul Ryan He’s ‘Clueless’ About His Favorite Band

Cooper Fleishman reports on the comments made by Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello’s comments about Paul Ryan claiming Rage is his favorite band.

Does Giving Up Porn Help Your Sex Life?

Cooper Fleishman reports on one man’s experiment giving up pornography.

Video: We Don’t Mean to Offend You By Calling You Racist

Two slam poets with Brave New Voices deliver this fearless indictment of hipster cultural appropriation and all its collateral damage.

Special Needs Boy Abused on School Bus, Why Didn’t Anyone Help?

Cooper Fleishman reports on the video of a special needs child being burned, screamed at and beaten up on a school bus, and wonders what could have been done to prevent such horrifying abuse.

What’s a Sexual Assault Victim to Do When the Justice System Fails Her?

Cooper Fleishman hopes 17 year-old sexual assault victim Savanna Dietrich will be shown the same leniency in sentencing for violating a gag order that her attackers were shown in their punishments.

Let’s Imagine a World Where Women Cut Men’s D**ks Off

Curtis Luciani and Cooper Fleishman imagine how rape jokes would be different were the gender roles in comedy reversed.

Swedish Man Cleared of Rape Charges Because Victim Had a Penis

Cooper Fleishman is horrified that despite Sweden’s gender-neutral rape laws, a case was thrown out because the victim was a transwoman.

Volkswagen’s Heart-Tugging Dad-Daughter Ad

“Nice to see that advertisers are finally discovering this new, remarkable world where fathers are active parents rather than perpetually befuddled, gym-shorts-wearing dinguses whose biggest concern is not buying soda that’s for women.”

‘The Boyfriend Trainer’: Choke and Tase Him When He Misbehaves

Before we crap ourselves with righteous male indignation, let’s gain some perspective.

Forever a Loan

Want to know who’s responsible for spinning your $40,000 loan into $100,000 over 12 years and crushing you if you can’t afford it?

Are Dude Blogs Going Through an Identity Crisis?

A new generation of men, long misrepresented in the media, is finding its (wildly diverse) voice.

Gimel, Gimel, Come On, Gimel

Let’s be honest, even though you may never put together a handmade wreath, these how-tos are pretty damn addictive.

Why Is Ashton Kutcher Hawking Tiny, Blinged-Out Handcuff Necklaces?

Hint: It’s in really poor taste.

Men Aren’t Slaves to Their Smut

We know that fantasy is exactly that: fantasy. So I’m begging, please, Esquire, stop pretending like it’s not.