About Pedro Serrano

The name's Pedro Angel Serrano. I was born in Newark, NJ and grew up in the Columbus Homes Housing Projects. Childhood memories include riots, cockroaches big enough to ride to school, and cherry blossoms in the Spring; consider me a product of public housing, food stamps and PBS.

Presently I produce and host of Generation Q a Gay community affairs program on WRSU 88.7 fm. I also do spoken word. It's like a stand-up comedy routine only I don't care if anybody laughs. I create visual art in the form of books with collage and some text. I also am a photographer. My first book should be done before the end of 2012. The title is "Pride: The Diary Of A Gay Skinhead." It's about my time in the New Jersey punk rock scene and the line I had to walked as an out Gay man, what I've learned, and the role I've come to play in that community.

I like kids, dogs, chili, Zen and Taoist esthetics, and I share an apartment with a Ball Python named Huey. You can follow me on Facebook and read chapters of my book on my blog.

Diary of a Gay Skinhead

Brotherhood means answering when your friend has the courage to ask. A excerpt from Pedro Serrano’s book, Pride—Diary of a Gay Skinhead, in the Men and Suicide series.