About Philip Werner

Philip Werner is a Melbourne based photographer, we-designer, gardener, engineer, peace activist, and sensitive little boy hiding in a man's body.
Born in Germany, he grew up next to fields and forests on the outskirts of Hamburg until his parents got tired of the cold war in the mid '80s and brought the family to Australia for a warmer climate.
After graduating in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Sydney, Philip became disillusioned with the workabee world and sought refuge in various community projects and in his artistic pursuit, photography.
Intelligent (can be over analytical), self confident (sometimes arrogant), inquisitive (can be intrusive), well traveled (a little jaded), full of ideas (when not cynical), thoughtful (can be pensive), very good listener (articulate), honest (sometimes too open); likes his humour dry. Post-mainstream, post-freak, post-new-age, post-nerd/geek, post-philosophy, neo-nothing.

Getting Over Shame Through Nude Photography

Philip Werner helps men and women learn to love their own bodies.

Philip Werner Talks Vaginas, Nakedness & Body Image

The taboos around our bodies, and around the vagina, in particular, allow shame to flourish. Could embracing the vagina eradicate sexual violence?