Raise Your Hand

Raise Your Hand

We are a part of the change that is happening. And we’re asking you to be counted as a member of our community and part of that change.

At The Good Men Project, our community is varied and storied. Literally storied – we like nothing better than to collect the stories of men. Stories that show not just heroism but vulnerability, stories that show the complexity of men and break stereotypes in the process, stories that take a single defining moment in a man’s life and use that as a lens to see the world at large.

Every day, an email or tweet comes to one of us with some version of the following:

“You are a wonderful outreach that I recommend to countless others. You have helped me. So I am very much in your debt. Keep doing your good work. I haven’t found anyone else like you out there.”

As far as we can tell—he’s right—nowhere else is there a community of people that are interested in discussing the issues of men the way we are here.

In fact, that’s what we hear over and over—that there’s no conversation like this.

And in the three years since we started this conversation—change is happening. When DOMA was just recently struck down, people emailed us and thanked us for being in the conversation about marriage equality long before it was popular to do so. When dads need a forum to help change harmful stereotypes in advertising, or have stay-at-home dads be seen as a coveted role, we’re there. When men have a hard time convincing people that they, too, can be victims of sexual assault, we tell their stories. When conversations about racism become ugly, we stand our ground that you can have intelligent, thoughtful conversations about race — and actually open people’s minds and enact change.

None of this is easy. And it can only be done through the extraordinary efforts of our most valued community.

If you’re in on this remarkable adventure with us—raise your hand. Become a Premium Member. You’ll get perks such as a free copy of the original Good Men Project anthology. Invitations to exclusive GoogleHangouts On Air. And on top of that, every time you log in, the banner ads will go away. We continue to work to make the user experience as good as possible, and Premium Members come first.

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Photo by longtime member of The Good Man Project community and renowned photographer, Stephen Sheffield.


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