Jennifer Lawrence Has a Fan-Girl Moment When She Meets Jack Nicholson for the First Time (Video)

What celebrity would make you say OMG?

After winning her first Oscar for Best Actress, Jennifer Lawrence sits down for an interview with George Stephanopoulos of Good Morning America, when Jack Nicholson walks up behind her to congratulate her. When she sees him, she gasps. She talks with him, thanking him and exchanging a joke or two. When she turns back around to George, she gives a wide-eyed, “OH MY GOD.”

Whether you were rolling your eyes and flipping over to The Walking Dead, or you were stuck to your Twitter feed while watching the red carpet, there is probably someone who would blow your mind if they walked up behind you.

Mine would probably be: Tina Fey, Matt Damon, and Al Pacino. Who is on your list?

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Photo credit: YouTube, “Jennifer Lawrence meeting Jack Nicholson for the first time (02.24.13)

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  1. Pacino, Eastwood, Hackman, all the oldschool powerhouse actors. I fear there is no one talented enough to replace them or have any similar character:(

  2. Mine would be Daniel Day Lewis. One of the greatest actor of all time, and the best of his generation. And one hell of charismatic sexy man.

  3. Jimmy Valentime says:

    I totally Love Jennifer Lawrence

    One she a really good actress and even though always talks down method and process in interviews she takes time to walk and breath differently as different characters

    Two) she looks like she enjoys the whole selling of a film. She doesn’t have this tortured look on her face when doing interviews and media stuff … she really funny in interviews , you can watch her clips on you-tube,

    so it probably be her or Shane from walking dead

    i saw Abed from community once and was totally geeked

    I said “I’m praying for a Fourth Season” and his reply was “ME too ! “

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