Married to My Job

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Alex Torrenegra is the CEO of VoiceBunny, an online platform for crowdsourcing voice overs from over 100,000 professionals in minutes.


  1. I love articles that touch personal issues entrepreneurs have to face . Definitely the best entrepreneurs are also great human beings I’m convinced that while methodologies and tools are important, real success comes from the ability to find balance, being humble and avoid arrogance even if your business takes off.

    Working with your spouse is a maturity test in the end, a lot of people think it’s not a good idea ( i’m not sure about it too) but knowing some couples that make an excellent team i realize it’s possible.

  2. Nice one, Alex. While everyone is always so focused on business dynamics, It’s great to glimpse a little of the personal and emotional challenges we all face. I don’t work with my wife, but I work from home, where I am in constant connection with her… and my two young children. Never a dull moment.

  3. Hank Vandenburgh says:

    I tried this for three years, and it did not go well. Part of the issue is that my creative artist first wife didn’t make a good secretary. She had suggested we start a medical meeting planning business (I had been doing this as an employee) so that she could leave a boring bank training job. It wsn’t her fault at all, but the training market in medicine got worse and worse through the early 90s. We made about a million, but ended up spending about a million, two hundred fifty thousand. We never drew more than about $40,000 a year, so we weren’t living high on the hog.

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