Using Wanderlust to Grow


There is a beauty in wanderlust, but with travel comes discomfort. Properly managing this discomfort can make a profound difference.

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Why I’m OK With Not Wanting Kids

Why Im OK by Josh McGinn

Andrew Bruskin is a child-free adult, and he intends to stay that way.

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How Fathers Inspire Confidence in Girls

How Fathers Inspire by Flamingo Group

Women of the world talk about how their dads helped them grow up to be strong.

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Shame on UCLA for Tolerating Anti-Semitism


A UCLA alumna explains why she is disappointed that her alma mater isn’t taking a stronger stance against anti-Semitism.

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John Travolta, Joe Biden, And Why Men Touch Women’s Bodies Without Asking


The ‘mantouching’ trend needs to stop.

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Ignorance, Incognito


As a straight white guy, I know who’s secretly bigoted. Because they tell me.

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I’m Losing My Conservative Values


From Staunch Conservative Evangelical Minister to LGBT Supporter and Human Rights Activist

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Sticks and Stones May Break Your Bones But Names Will Always Hurt You

Sticks and Stones by Joana Coccarelli

Jenny Kanevsky explains how body shaming hurts whether you hear it from others or do it to yourself.

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Why Everyone Should Write


Everyone is a writer, or at least they should be

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When Being Strong Is Weak

When Being Strong by Nic McPhee

Steve Errey strips off the armor and redefines strength for men.

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Drinking Buddy


The sad link between his male friendships and drinking.

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Love Has No Labels

Love Has No Labels by Ad Council

Watch what happens when the skeletons step out from behind the screen.

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Why I Vote for Yoga Pants

Why I Vote by Eli Christman

Carly Puch has had it with women being told what they should and shouldn’t wear.

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The Shift in Fatherhood Is Here

The Shift by Alice Popkorn

Fresh from the Dad 2.0 summit, Robert Zeitlin is encouraged about the future for fathers.

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Why Is ‘No Homo’ a Guy Thing and Not a Girl Thing? (Inside the Conversation at The Good Men Project)

Why No Homo by mairagall

‘We now have a clear and direct through line tying rampant homophobia to resulting grief, isolation, and early mortality in heterosexual men.’

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How the Love of a Woman Freed Me From the Bondage of Racism

hand photo by aloshbennett

Racism was defeated in this man’s heart through the actions of one amazing woman.

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