All the News Fit for White Men: Why Journalism is Failing America


The way the media is currently set up does not support a diverse population. But that doesn’t mean its future can’t.

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How to Catcall Like a Pro

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 2.30.44 PM

An instructional graphic.

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5 Reasons Why Consent Doesn’t Come Naturally

5 Reasons Why Consent by Brian Moore

Consent should be simple, right? Then why is it so confusing?

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Would You Idolize a Janitor?


What makes a person great? Tommy Raskin opens up a discussion on the treatment of our fellow man.

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Men Recovering From Military Sexual Trauma


Brian Lewis explains how a uniform doesn’t prevent the erasure of male survivors.

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Ending Bullying: Being an UPstander, No Matter Who You Are


Jamie Utt wonders how many people stay silent in the face of bullying, and helps us teach kids to be UPstanders, not bystanders.

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A Gay Dad’s Lesson From His Son Regarding the Hobby Lobby Decision


Rob Watson’s son says, “Scream like a girl!”, and Dad realizes the wisdom in those words.

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5 Words on Love That Will Make or Break Your Relationship

4 words on love by thomas fiffer

An ordinary object leads Thomas Fiffer to an extraordinary epiphany.

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Being Married Doesn’t Protect People From Violence


Russell Love counters the idea that women and children are safe from sexual violence in a married family.

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Cutting in Line Is Not OK—Unless You Use ReservationHop

Cutting in Line by Will

Power has its privileges, but apps can level the playing field—unless of course, they’re designed to entitle the entitled.

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Are You Strong Enough to Really Listen?


Chris Anderson explains the ways people unfairly dismiss victims of violence and trauma, and offers 3 tips for supporting survivors.

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Are We Doing Love Wrong?

Are We Getting Love Wrong by Public Domain

Thomas Fiffer takes the hammer to three myths about love that prevent us from entering and enjoying meaningful relationships.

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I Am Proud Of My Masculinity

photo by americagov

Graham Phoenix has felt a need to take control over what he does in life and he has had many reasons to question this over the years. He now realizes that this is an essential aspect of his masculinity, an important part of being a man.

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To Hold On Or Let Go? (Video)

To Hold On by Ainslie Henderson

A short video about life, love, loss, and redemption that will completely unravel you.

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Seduction Games: Inside the Mind of a Pickup Artist

pickup_artist_red_velvet_curtains-photo-bokeh burger

Reseacher Anders Wallace shares about the whats and whys of the Pickup Artist culture.

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To The Man Who Wrote Pro-Life Comments Citing the Bible On My Facebook Wall


Rev. Jim Rigby doesn’t accept your biblical interpretation.

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