What Binds Us

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Reflecting on the recent tragedies of this past week, we must be reminded of our need for connection to each other as human beings, and that we must call ourselves and each other to be better.

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An Open Letter To The Mormon Church


Christopher Macneil believes the Mormon Church has strayed from a moral path.

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How I Fought Against an Anti-Semitic Statue and Won

Highlighted Ed Dvir

Matt Sweetwood wrote about Jaume Plensa’s Spillover II Sculpture in Milwaukee and the community then fought to have it removed. Here is how the power of the word can create action.

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Mass Terror Attacks: Blame the Easy Targets?

Terrorism and Mental Illness

How do we decide whether a shooting is caused by mental illness or terrorism? What if it’s both?

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What a French Philosopher-Monk Can Teach Us After the Paris Attacks

eiffel tower peace paris

I harbor no illusions that the words of one Buddhist monk will turn aside the tide of war that seems to be rising. But can we re-invison this cycle of war?

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Men (Yes, Men) Talk About Self-Esteem and Body Image

Men Yes Men by InfoWiredk

A group of men open up about the impossible standards of masculinity imposed by the media.

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When Things Change in an Instant: The Attacks on Paris

Peace for Paris

How can we make sense of the attacks?

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Prisoner Re-Entry Schools

prisoner class

When we argue for limitations, we get to keep them.

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Bloomingdale’s is Only Part of the Problem: We Share the Blame


Bloomingdale’s made a huge mistake with this ad, but we’re all complicit in allowing it to happen.

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Seeking Common Ground: Why Progressive Muslims and Atheists Should Work Together


We don’t realize the latent potential we have to flip the script and change the popular narrative of Muslim-panic and atheist-distrust. But it requires us to speak up, to defend each other against unfair attacks, and to try and see past our differences.

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The Unsolvable Question of Gun Violence

background checks

Jeremy Barnes has been haunted by gun violence since 1994. He wishes for all who can make a difference to grab a case of beer, build a campfire, and work it out. Here is his story.

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On Autism and Loneliness

Eleanor-Rigby loneliness and autism

Matthew Rozsa discusses a broader lesson he has learned from having autism.

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A Dad Sounds Off on School “Lockdowns”

Jeremy lockdown

The school where Jeremy’s Daughter attends went under “Lockdown” last week. This week, dad is sounding the alarm about it. Here is why.

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The Ethics of Working on Thanksgiving


Rick Sanchez has observed that passions get aroused around Thanksgiving — people getting indignant that some businesses stay open and employees work. He has something to say about the hypocrisy.

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Psychopaths and Sociopaths: Do You Know the Difference?

Psychopaths by Gunther Hagleitner

Psychopaths and sociopaths are different—and also more common than you think.

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Generation X and Finance: Candor and Ambivalence

man planning for retirement

Prepared for retirement? Gen Xer’s say no, but it’ll all work out.

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