Words Can Hurt: Recognizing Emotional Abuse

Words Can Hurt by ChildLine

Emotional abuse causes intense pain and leaves huge, invisible scars. Imagine if you could see them …

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Let’s End Relationship Entitlement Now

Let's End Relationship Entitlement by deliriant

Thomas Fiffer believes the big factor in domestic violence is ‘relationship entitlement,’ and he’s calling it out to stop the hurt.

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#Ferguson Cops Want to Believe They Are Right, Not Racist

police in line 81314 588

“What the cops want, on some level, is to believe their version of the world, that black people are dangerous.” By Matthew Salesses

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Richard Dawkins and the Dangerous Thought Experiment


Randall Horton, philosophy teacher, with a look at why some women hate philosophy.

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Men, We Must Change Our Thinking To Address Street Harassment

Street Harassment

Jason Francis wants men to know that even though Street Harassment isn’t their direct issue , it doesn’t absolve them from their part in the equation.

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Telling a Story With Our Hands Raised – The Photos and History of #DontShoot

Courtesy of Curtis Sails #DontShoot

Curtis Sails, with a heavy heart and holding back tears, explains the origins of #DontShoot and shares some breathtaking photos.

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The $100 Life


Jackie Summers looks at how we value money. And how we value life.

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#IfTheyGunnedMeDown — What It Says About Our Beliefs

Mike Brown

From the inception of distributed “news,” media has been using pictures to tell the story. And to influence the interpretation of events. Now the power is in OUR hands.

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The Police Brutality Antidote: Stop Hiring Barely Educated Cops


Is there a connection between racism, police brutality, and the education level of police officers? Charles Ellison discusses.

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The Sexist Drag Queen (a Comic)

sexist drag queens

Justin Hubbell examines some complicated displays of sexism in his weekly comic.

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5 Reasons It’s So Hard to Leave Crazy

5 Reasons Why It's by Loren Javier

You’re in a place that makes no sense, and you can’t find your way out. It’s called … crazy.

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Who Are the “Good Guys With Guns”?

photo 2

Alex Yarde wants to look beyond the next news cycle on the epidemic of unarmed killings of black males.

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The Shock of Breaking Up

The Shock of Breaking Up by timlewisnm

Thomas Fiffer examines the earthquake that strikes when a relationship breaks apart, and the subtle, subterranean shifts that precede it.

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How to Deal With Rude People

How to Deal by PeakYourMind

We can’t avoid rude people, but we don’t have to let them get to us. Martin Sosa of PeakYourMind shares his strategies for keeping calm and carrying on.

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Collateral Damage: The Secondary Victims We Overlook

Collateral Damage by jiunn kang too

We all know survivors of trauma need help. But what about the needs of the people who love them?

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Have the Good Men Become Invisible?

Opening the door

Hey ladies, before you raise a lament about “where have all the good men gone,” maybe you should make sure you aren’t just overlooking them.

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