Fall Down a Child, Rise a Man

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So much of who we are comes from our childhoods; how we learn to deal with pain, how we learn to cope, and how we learn to overcome.

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Somewhere Between Free Speech and Hate Speech

Mind the Gap

“The gap between writing with hatred and writing with mindfulness and altruism is really wide.” A discussion of the nuances of that gap.

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How to Maintain a Happy Workforce: An Interview with TINYpulse


Matthew Rozsa’s interview with the CEO of TINYpulse, a company that is revolutionizing how employers and employees interact with each other.

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I Married an Abuser: Should I Try to Salvage My Marriage?

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Is there hope for a relationship afflicted with abuse? Chris Armstrong doesn’t think so, and here’s why.

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Should Your Partner Know Your Passwords?

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“One of the problems with social networks is that it is getting harder and harder for others to complain about you behind your back.”

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The Courage To Learn


Most of people don’t do this. Most people don’t view struggle—and even failure—as instructive. Most people don’t demonstrate the resilience to hang in through tough times this way or the openness to say, “That didn’t work—what can I learn about myself?”

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Your Daughter is Asleep on the Couch with a Strange Boy — What Do You Do?

young couple asleep

One dad made an unusual choice, and the story struck a real nerve. Here’s what a group of our writers had to say.

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Manalyze This!


It’s called manalyzing, and we all do it. We size each other up when we meet new people.

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I Support Marriage Equality AND Religious Freedom


Shanna Anderson believes there is room for religion AND equal rights.

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Maybe We Can Help Each Other with Our Struggles


Let’s put ourselves out there. Let’s be vulnerable in each other’s presence. Let’s listen to each other.

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The Courage To Be Real


Marc Maron reminds us that being brilliant doesn’t mean copying others. Rather it means being the best version of who we are.

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Bring Back the Musket!

Jim Jefferies Comedian Gun Control

“There’s one argument and one argument alone for having a gun, and this is the argument…”

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Seven Rules of Breakup Ethics


#1: Everything you do to hurt your ex hurts your kids. So don’t do it.

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There’s Never Any Time


Keep refreshing Twitter, don’t miss out on the important stuff. With so much going on in the world and our lives, how do we keep track of our time and what is important?

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Enthusiastic Consent and the Intersectionality of Solutions

enthusiastic consent

And you thought ‘enthusiastic consent’ was only sexual. Inside the conversation at The Good Men Project.

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Why I’m Pro-Sex Work and Anti-Porn


Instead of shaming porn actors and sex workers, Matthew Facciani says we should have open conversations about sexuality and sexual education.

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