Is Tackling Discrimination a Hard or a Soft Art?


A “one size fits all” approach can never be sufficient

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Examining Masculinity in the Aftermath of the Stanford Rape Case

three generations of men

Dr. Samantha Sweeney asks us to continue the conversation about gender roles and offers questions to ask yourself, and your children.

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Why I Was a Conversion Therapy Leader


In the fundamentalist church, it was no longer a question of whether or not God could change someone from gay to straight; it was expected.

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Fathers, Shooters, and Good Men: A Call to Action

Darren Calhoun and father

In the culture that created the shooter at Pulse Orlando, healing toxic masculinity starts with how we raise our boys.

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Yes Virginia, There Is A Rape Culture…

fighting rape culture

Alex Yarde wants to set an example as a man who is standing up against rape culture and all of its implications.

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Polarization Nation: Irrational Fighting About Gun Control on Facebook, A One-Sided Imagined Dialogue


Michael Kasdan has reached a boiling point and can’t take it anymore. Here is how he blew off some steam. (Alt. Title: Every anti-gun control argument you hear every day on Facebook)

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‘I Thought I Was Incapable of This Behavior’ and Other Lessons from Stanford Cases

shame regret guilt fear

Facing the regret, guilt, and part of us we didn’t know was there can start to make us better men.

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Why ‘Boys Will be Boys’ is Such a Dangerous Mentality

boys will be boys

If we want to stop the killing we must acknowledge the connection between hypermasculinity and violence.

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Stanford Rapist’s Ex-Friend Writes Him a Letter, and it Has a Kernel of Hope

row of swimmers

This wise young man believes that the convicted rapist he calls “face of sexual assault in the United States of America” has given us a gift.

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Get Out of Your Comfort Zone With Your Kids!

Get Out by Larry Hagner

In this episode of The Good Dad Project Podcast, Larry talks about the transformative experience of doing a ‘Crusher Race’ with his eight-year-old son.

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Gun Control: What SHOULD We Do?


Gun violence is a human rights issue, a legal issue, a health issue, a taxation issue, and, above all, a conscience issue.

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On Becoming a Rose: The Journey to Self-Love

On Becoming a Rose by Mary and Andrew

Words by Ross Rosenberg to help you bloom on your journey to self-love.

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Follow Your Detour—Finding Resilience After Misfortune

Amy Oestreicher describes her remarkable journey of healing from trauma.

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A Gay Dad’s Open Letter to Donald Trump: Stop Turning our Slain LGBTQ Family Into Your Next Media Bump


For whatever reason, my first exposure to commentary by those seeking to lead our nation was that of Donald Trump. He was opportunistic. The first tweets I saw were: “Appreciate the congrats for being right on radical Islamic terrorism.” Here is my response.

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The Accountability of Rape

young people partying

I refuse to believe people like Brock Turner somehow define a dark shadow that resides in all men.

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7 Gifts This Dad Would Rather Get Than Guns (You Know, for Father’s Day and Such)

water guns

What’s better than a gun, tank, or bomb? The answer: pens, homes, and playground equipment.

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