Rick Perry, Say “Bye Bye”


Conservative political discourse centers on “F” words: Faith, Family, Freedom and the Flag. When you exit Rick, take this buzz slang, which manipulates sheep into deciding if they are worthy to vote.

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Will Julian Assange Quit The Ecuadorian Embassy?


Given that any proposals and negotiations are likely to be based on the idea that Assange will not set foot inside Sweden to talk, it seems likely that he will sit tight in the embassy for some time soon, much to the chagrin of the British government.

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What Does it Mean to be a Man? The Man Effect


One man’s project asks, if you were to use one word to define a man, what would that one word be?

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I Have A Dream: From Martin Luther King to Ellen DeGeneres


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. fought for the fundamentals of man in 1963. Three decades later, Ellen DeGeneres gives a speech that reminds us why they’re still the cornerstones of humanity.

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Saving the Kaliefs in Our Midst Means Mindfully Addressing Post-Prison Suicides


700,000 souls are released from correctional facilities in the US each year. One son’s mother begs us to care about undoing the torture happening behind bars before another life is lost.

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Single Men Are Men Too!


Elwood Watson takes on the stereotypes of the “Real Man” for all the single fellas out there.

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Parenting in the Era of #BlackLivesMatter


As parents of color, we fear for our children, but we also need to think about ourselves.

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Checking Your Privilege can and Should be Amazing


“Checking your privilege” will be amazing once we stop calling each other names, judging each other, and deciding who is and who is not allowed to speak and instead focus on self-awareness and social cooperation.

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7 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Being a Man — Edgar Wilson


What do boys need to hear in order to become men? Edgar Wilson reflects on the things he didn’t know as a boy, but now is cautious and aware of as a man.

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“I Strongly Agree with Questioning the ‘Man up’ Cultures We Were Sold as Kids”

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“… and realizing the silence and stoicism we were all supposed to embody as young men becomes toxic.” —Shea Emry, Mo Bro and Professional Football Player for the CFL’s Rough Riders

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A Tiered System of Justice, the Veil and ‘Double Consciousness’


Black people may see racism as central to their reality, while white people may consider racism a thing of the past.

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Making Things Whole for Cambodian Men: Combining All The Steps in Healing


Rick Goodwin attempts to heal men’s soul wounds: the bleeding of their hearts, the psychic suffering. He works to lay to rest ghosts that do not sleep, ghosts originating from unfathomable sources of pain.

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I am a Soldier in this Cold World


Alberto Hernandez and other young men in Mid City, LA can’t escape the reality of trauma and race.

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Coby Persin’s Viral Child Predator Social Experiment Begs Us to GetKidsInternetSafe


Warning kids about Internet predators isn’t enough. Regular coaching and skill-based learning helps to arm them against cunning adults on the Internet.

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In This Age of Gender Fluidity, How We Identify Matters More Than Ever


How we choose to be identified has a huge impact in the way we go about living our lives. Part of our growth as men is coming to terms with who we are.

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