Pray for Newtown: Trying to See the Light


Michael Kasdan reflects on the Sandy Hook school shooting that took place in Newtown, Connecticut two years ago.

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Decriminalizing Trauma

Peter Pollard

Some new alternatives to “Fight, Flight or Freeze.”

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Is There a White Middle Class Fad of Pseudo Civil Rights Activism?


I have been called racist for my opinion about my local police.

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On Restoring Honor To Peace Officers

408419901_66e49bdbda_b (1)

An activist considers the role of the police and restoring the honor of the thin blue line.

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White People Square Off

white people squared off

The “war” stops here

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Protest Tips

protest tips

Here are some tips on what you can do against a teargas attack

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The Pursuit of Hope: Rediscovering Humanity for All


Ernest Roberts believes that with a little faith, we can blur the lines between black and white.

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Prosecuting Fear

the moment of decision

What we must do about the inability of the justice system

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It’s Time We Revived FDR’s ‘Wages of a Decent Living’

new deal

The architect of the New Deal was right when he argued no business that depends on paying less than a meaningful living wage should operate in the US.

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Sport as Socio-Political Institution


When athletes use the arena for political expression

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Equality Before the Law—2014

Equality Before the Law by Garry Knight

Matthew Rozsa explains the difference between the perception of equality and the reality of discrimination.

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The Silent War of Mental Illness, Disability and Ferguson

The Silent War

Erin Kelly examines the impact of wrongful death due to mental illness and disability in the midst of the tragic events in Ferguson, Missouri.

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Police Hired as Unwilling Actors

unwilling actors

Encouraging the protest to work for you

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Is Santa Claus a Stalker and Spy?

evil santa

The evidence is in, and things don’t look too rosy for the jolly man in red

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#CrimingWhileWhite A Confession of Privilege From John

bad boys

I learned about white privilege from the streets—not the classroom.

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We Are All on the Same Team


We have to look passed labels, appearances and perceived identities.

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