Can One Person Eat with a Long Spoon?

Long Spoon

A long spoon makes eating impossible for one. This beautifully animated allegory teaches about community.

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Hugged and Kissed by History

Lolita_Lebron AP

Who was Lolita? History becomes more complex when you know the players up close and personal.

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Partner Violence – The Most Important Graphic You’ll See Today


By understanding that anyone can be a victim of intimate partner violence, sexual violence, and/or stalking, we can begin to find answers that benefit our whole communities.

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The Many Ways We All Lose in a Heterosexist Environment

More Than One Way Keoni Cabral:Flickr

“I find it paradoxical that we live in a society where love of difference makes one the same, while love of sameness makes one different.”

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What About the Boys?

What About the Boys?  Photo courtesy of Buzzfeed, from Grace Brown’s Project Unbreakable

Human trafficking is as an issue that happens to both genders. Boys are just as affected by human trafficking and require the same attention as females.

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No Cure for Sexuality or Stupidity  

No Cure for Sexuality or Stupidity  david_shankbone:Flcikr

Have you ever tried to invite your friend for a beer or coffee and instead of approval you receive an excuse like…

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A New Peer Youth Chorus Transforming the World

youth choruss transforms the world

Youth of all identities are fighting deadly oppression as an activist chorus transforming the world.

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The Long Road to Healing

long road to healing T i q s ©:Flickr

Will the Catholic Church seize the opportunity to create a safer world for kids?

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The Rice Bucket Challenge

rice bucket

Love or hate the Ice Bucket Challenge? We can’t deny the social impact. Now, there is the Rice Bucket.

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We All Have a Capacity to Change

Capacity to Change

Former juvenile prisoners found the capacity to change and now try to extend change into their community.

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Mariano Rivera Brings Energy

Mariano Rivera AP Photo/Paul Sancya

Baseball great Mariano Rivera uses his compassion to connect with and help kids.

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3 Ways Men Can Combat Sexual Assault Right Now

Women Deserve Better  divinenephron:Flickr

Do you want to combat sexual assault? These easy and fun ideas are great for men (and everyone else.)

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Smiling with Fear

mal WorldBank:Flickr

If you comment on or share this article by poet Cameron Conaway you will help save a life. If that sounds too simple… read on.

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Linking Anti-Jewish Oppression and Heterosexism

Linking Anti-Jewish Oppression and Heterosexism Panayiotis Filippou:Flickr

Oppression against any group causes most people to lose. The system of oppression must be dismantled.

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Degrees of Child Abuse?

Degrees of Child Abuse?Degrees of Child Abuse? Artotem:Flickr

One way to help survivors heal? Stop quantifying abuse.

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Ferguson, MO & Beyond Heroes, Holidays, Food & Festivals


How do we move beyond a narrow focus on race and justice in the USA?

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