Learning How to Talk About Your Assault


Identify what you want from others

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While We’re at It — 5 Steps Toward Disability Equality

disability equal rights

Having a law in place is only the first step in any kind of equality, it’s up to us to keep making progress.

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If Jesus Returned to the People Again

second coming

… only atheists would believe in him.

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How US Gun Control Compares to the Rest of the World


Other ‘advanced nations’ make it far harder for someone like the Charleston killer to get his hands on a Glock semiautomatic handgun or any other kind of firearm.

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The Inevitable Fate of Zealots—How to Live Without Control


Marriage has always belonged to the people, which is why it was returned. It was always going to find its way back.

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Keeping Your Head Above Water


Steven Licardi explains how he keeps an open heart and mind when faced with screaming headlines and complex issues.

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NRA’s Strategy of Blaming the Victims


South Carolina is ranked 9th in firearm murders. While the NRA chants that guns save lives, Warren Blumenfeld looks at the clear, cold, hard facts.

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The Columnist and the Commoner: A Story of Kindness and Creativity


A puppeteer meets a retired columnist while doing a demonstration in a park. What happens next paints a picture of humanity in its purest form.

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In-Between “Racialized” Category of European-Heritage Jews


Warren Blumenfeld explains why race is a continuum — not a simple line with “white” on one side and “people of color” on the oth

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How One Whistleblower Saved Thousands Of Lives Using YouTube

coast guard

Michael DeKort took on the Coast Guard’s Deepwater program

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Remembering Reverend Clementa Pickney


A letter to one of the nine lost in Charleston.

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The Texting Dead: 14 Ways We Are More Borg than Human

The Texting Dead copy

Is screen media steadily marching us toward the end of times?

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Rising to the Challenges of Our Time: White Racial Justice Organizing in Denver in Black Lives Matter Movement Times

Rally for transit justice for working class communities (courtesy of Zoë Williams)

Chris Crass speaks with Zoë Williams, who believes in the power of grassroots efforts to create meaningful change.

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Brandon Strop: Finding Balance in the World of Disabled Bodybuilding


Erin Kelly looks at a young disabled bodybuilder’s story, and how it reflects on the impulses of society.

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What’s Wrong with Cultural Appropriation? These 9 Answers Reveal Its Harm

cultural appropriation is racism

Maisha Z. Johnson explains how, even when you have the best of intentions, you may be doing something racist and harming others.

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We’re Building a Movement with Young, Gifted and Black Coalition in the Lead

3. YGB March 13th protest with MKE folks in Madison

Chris Crass interviews Z! Haukeness on White Racial Justice organizing in Madison, Wisconsin, inspiring other white folks to get engaged in anti-racism work.

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