Changing Masculinity: Three Subtle Mistakes


How good intentions can have bad results.

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What the Romans Can Teach us About Immigration and Integration


The ancient Romans extended many of the same rights to immigrants and ethnic minorities as they did to the elite. And their empire lasted 500 years.

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What Radical Professors Can Learn from Mormon Missionaries


They’re certainly persistent. Perhaps people on the other side of the spectrum should be as well.

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Violence against the “Other” as Systematic Blight on Our Society


We are all animals, but some people more than others.

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This Nurse Didn’t Have Permission To Save A Patient’s Life


Sometimes you have to go against the way things have always been done.

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Pope Francis Smacks LGBTQ People on the Behind


In one shot, Pope Francis lays his heavy hand on discipline and sexuality.

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Finding the Right Lens


The Business of Preventing Violence

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WWCAD: What Would Christian Anarchists Do?


It’s a rainy, lazy Saturday in Portland. A perfect time to dive into the Gospel of Mark and cultivate my inner anarchist.

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Acknowledging the Racism that Saturates Our Nation


Mayor de Blasio kicks off a a battle with NYPD over “The Talk” and Warren Blumenfeld sees a perfect chance to have a similar “Talk” with the nation.

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What’s Your Body Worth?


We’re taught not to view bodies as objects. What happens when we do?

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All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Grad School


We were being forced to compete for a gold medal in BEING A VICTIM.

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(Dis)ability? Living with Impairment in Early Modern Britain


Have we viewed disability in terms of what a person cannot do, as opposed to what they can?

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Your True North


“True North” is a choice to no longer be afraid of being afraid.

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Follow the Herd or Blow the Whistle


Which is part of our evolutionary past?

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Trans* People Murdered for Truth Telling


What happens when you courageously call into question the social myth of gender roles?

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What Does A Feminist Look Like?


Do we look like feminists? Shugs & Fats explore the question with strangers.

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