The Abuse of Women is Not Hilarious

fight sexism

Getting rid of Dapper Laughs and Julien Blanc is not enough if laddism continues to flourish.

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Nice Boys and Nice Language


The words that dare not be uttered.

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The Hunger Games as Metaphor for Youth Oppression & Resistance

youth oppression

I believe one of the litmus tests by which a society can be judged is the ways it treats its young people, for this opens a window projecting how that society operates generally.

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My Rape Doesn’t Define Me


Alyssa Royse’s experience with rape helped her find strength and individuality, and a message of hope.

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Call for Submissions: What Doesn’t Define You?


GMP invites you to take a stand for yourself and the things that don’t define you.

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A Reflection on Veterans Day


Veterans of war, veterans of diplomacy, veterans of peace. Shall we honor them all?

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The Rhetorical Question of War

iraq war

“Why are we even still sending people over there?”

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A Winning Play from the NFL

NFL Hussle

The NFL addresses domestic violence and abuse incidents involving their players.

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Mental Illness Beggars Society

man on stairs

The USA’s mentally ill are spiralling into the dark side

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How to Get Men to Think Differently About Women

two men

Constructive criticism backed by strong arguments will go a long way in changing hearts and minds

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Why a Straight White Man Needs Diverse Entertainment

female soldier in game

This avid gamer, book lover, and father thinks a wider range of characters would make entertainment better, for him, his daughter, and the rest of us.

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Golden Year for Silver Salmon

Randy  Coho

Good news for conservation in the Pacific North West, Coho populations are rebounding in 2014!

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Tea Time: How to be a Conscious Consumer in the Tea Industry


Phil America asks Nicholas Lozito about his mission to find fair trade in the tea business.

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Do You Know Where Your Words Come From?

dog eared book

Why is Richard called Dick, where did slut come from, and how are testicles related to with avocados?

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When Size Matters For Man and Country

Size Matters

The disturbing truth behind the influence of male stereotypes on destructive behavior

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White Ambition: Thailand’s Desire to Become Whiter


Phil America’s privilege as a white man prompted him to learn about the people of Thailand and abroad.

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