Slipping Through the Cracks in the European Union

2010-06-06T17-52-12 -- DSC_0829

What do you think of the European Union? Does it make you think of abject poverty and desperate living?

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How to Hate Child Immigrants Without Even Trying

border crossing photo by matteocatanese

“We had humanity. We had concern for our fellows. We would never leave a man behind. It just wasn’t done…Doesn’t look like it any more, does it?” Thaddeus Howze, on the humanitarian crisis at the border.

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When They Say the Goal is Unreal, Great Men Don’t Stop

Great Men Dont Stop Feans:Flickr

Peter LeJacq has lived a life dedicated to providing self-sustained healthcare infrastructure for Tanzania. He proves that great men don’t stop!

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Should the LGBT Rights Movement Forgive and Forget?

Should the L.G.B.T. Rights Movement Forgive and Forget? Tony Webster:Flickr

Now that society is finally moving forward with LGBT rights, we have to ask whether the atrocities of the past be forgiven?

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Can You Care About Society and Environment?

SELF -'s Cause of the Month

There should be no line between society and environment. S.E.L.F. has found one way to balance the two!

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What About Religious Rights Now?

What are Our Religious Rights Now boni_face:Flickr

Individual rights suffer when corporations have religious rights.

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Inequity is Hilarious

inequity is hilarious  dulk:Flickr

What do the Mars agenda and hip replacement have in common? The answer is inequity!

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Dear Walmart, Re: Camp Dachau Gate Poster

walmart dachau

An inquiry into the motives behind Walmart’s marketing of Camp Dachau atrocity.

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What Happens to Men Affects Women

Men affects women  Luke,Ma:Flickr

We are starting conversation about the serious issue of abuse and violence, because the abuse of men affects women too.

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Stars and Stripes, Pride or Hate?

stars and strpies, pride or hate cliff1066:Flickr

From World Cup fans to immigration bus blockers, the Stars and Stripes is both patriotic and nationalistic.

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Let’s Devour the Dead Beat Dad!

Dead Beat Dad  bark:Flickr

Ready for lunch? Today’s blue plate special is the stereotype of the dead beat dad.

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What’s the Point in Raising the Minimum Wage?

Raise minimum wage mSeattle:Flickr

All sides of the minimum wage argument seem to raise nothing but controversy. What are the facts?

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Opening the Door on Abuse of Men

Opening the door on Abuse of Men  gemsling:Flickr

Forced Into Silence, a documentary in progress, is presenting the first clip that starts the conversation about the abuse of men.

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People On The Move: What To Do About All The Homeless People?

Kosovo Refugees

A travel experience caused Dr. Jed Diamond to reflect on the staggering amount of refugees and displaced persons in our world today.

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The Supreme Court says, “Patriarchy is Alive and Well”

Hobby Lobby  daveparker:Flickr

The Hobby Lobby decision denies the rights of women, and the Supreme Court rules for patriarchy again.

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Help Sustain The Chicago Bureau


The Chicago Bureau has quickly become a go-to source for quality writing that investigates the pressing issues facing today’s youth. They need our help.

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