“Don’t worry: women will be attracted to your manliness if you exert the right attitude.”

This is a comment by Matt on the post “The Male Body: Repulsive or Beautiful?

“There is a tiny bit of truth to this post, in respect to the way that the male body is presented as comical. However, I think that the author has insufficient experience with women. Women do not crave beauty in a man. Beauty is their domain and it isn’t a turn on.

“What a women craves is manliness. Men cannot understand the concept of manliness and so they project the idea that men are not beautiful without understanding a woman’s attraction to manly features and manly ways. Looking like and being a man is sexy to a woman. She is not interested in the same characteristics.

She doesn’t want an art piece, she wants something with strong lines, imbued with strength, and a character that is powerful to reinforce her perceptions. Unfortunately, the modern man tries to present himself to his mate as ‘beautiful’ rather than ‘handsome’ and this confuses the hell out of both the man and the women.

“The best thing to do is to not worry about that and assume that the women will be attracted to your manliness if you exert the right attitude.” 

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  1. Quadruple A says:

    I don’t really get “manliness”. According to society femininity means being caring, empathetic, etc and masculinity means something different. I just don’t identify with the straitjacket that society calls “manly”. I also can’t really see what is attractive about that picture.

    • C’mon Q.A. ! Don’t you ever look at Mens Health or any Mag that tell you “The Look That Women Crave in a Man”? The lean ‘shredded’ look . 6 pack abs and lean muscle showing all around. actually, 1 article I read stated that these models de hydrate themselves and load up on sugar (amost to the state of a diabetic coma) to obtain this look. And women think that their the only one’s with ‘Body Issues’!

  2. Is it just me, or does this sound like a tautology in disguise? All you have to do is assume that women will be attracted to your manliness if you exert the right attitude, and if you’re not manly and/or they’re not attracted, well, it wasn’t the right attitude. It doesn’t really explain anything.

  3. Handsome, beautiful men are certainly a turn on! Gilles Marini, William Levy, and Hugh Jackman are certainly craved by women (at least in their fantasy lives….I have yet to encounter such male beauties in person!)

    But in real life, I get it… I love manly men, too (the real ones that I know do not remove the hair off their backs or talk like romance novel protagonists)…I find irresistible a man who really talks openly about his worries (bad language and all), who introduces you to his extended family and friends, who listens and notices even the small things about you (ie., whether you have had enough coffee for the morning or how bitten down your fingernails are), and who performs in non-verbal ways (ie., via guitar, piano, or martial arts)….I love it when an uber-macho man gives a woman supportive words when she is down (better than getting diamonds!)

  4. It also doesn’t hurt if your ‘chiseled’ like the guy in the picture!

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