“My views on men, masculinity, and gender issues have morphed and dare I say matured.”

This is a comment by KKZ on the post “This Much I Know To Be True“.

KKZ said:

I’ll echo others’ appreciation for this site and reiterate what I’ve said recently, that reading this site makes me want to be a better woman. I can’t recall exactly but I’m pretty sure I discovered this site through female-centric site The Frisky, and in the two years or so since I’ve been reading this, my views on men, masculinity, and gender issues have morphed, grown, and dare I say matured.

My experience here has been pretty insular — I read the content here, and the comments, and participate in the community (and hope my voice is welcomed), but I’m not on Twitter and so don’t follow the battles there (unless reported here), and I generally don’t click over to sites that lambaste this one or employ the writers Tom has argued with. Call it a weird sort of brand loyalty. Today in the interest of fair play I clicked over to one of the opponents, interested to see if they had a reasonable and sound argument against this site, how they presented that argument and how the community conducted itself. I tried to read it with an open mind but in the end, retreated back to this space and felt my gratitude for this Project even more deeply, having now seen what the alternative looks like. 

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  1. Jonathan G says:

    And I, for one, feel grateful for your wonderful contributions to this site, KKZ. Your combination of open-mindedness, empathy and intelligence makes your comments a joy to read.

  2. It’s shocking to hear such words. It makes it all sound so Vanilla. Actually I think of it the other way round, This place is cool passion fruit and spice sorbet and most other venues are Jello with everyone fighting over which fruit to add.

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