“The minute my partner decided to not have sex, it was a unilateral decision.”

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  1. Eric M. says:

    “Kind of hard to trust someone who pulls the rug out from under you or who literally will stand there while you beg for intimacy and then say no he’s not in the mood.”

    This is, unfortunately, a very common phenomenon, which erodes and eventually destroys the feeling one has for their spouse. Many a man has been in this situation. And, even those who are monogamous can end up emotionally giving up on that relatonship (yet not get divorced) and fall in love with someone else. Then, they get called a cheater, etc., when it’s not nearly that simple.

    I will say that hormonal imbalances can have an impact, even unbeknownst to the person who has the imbalance.

    “And I don’t know how it is for men who were in the position I was in but when the mood hit once a month being relegated to blow up doll status.”

    It’s frustrating and leaves them with the very clear and distinct feeling that she no longer cares. It’s just as hard for a man to stay in love with someone who (apparently) doesn’t love and care about him as it is for a woman. Many men hang in there with the marriage, even after their emotional feelings have been doused.

  2. Terence Manuel says:

    Welcome to the world of married men.

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