What’s Your Purpose in Life?

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Academy and Emmy nominated independent filmmaker Frederick Marx (HOOP DREAMS) has worked 35 years in film and television. Company mission: "Bearing Witness, Creating Change." Creating transformational stories that transform lives. Visit www.warriorfilms.org for more info.


  1. That’s a lovely piece of writing. As for me, I try to build bridges more often than burn them, listen closer when I don’t understand, and look for things in common with others so I can become and ally, not an adversary. I think most people intend to bring more good to the world, we just sometimes let our pride interfere.

    “I am the Shaman of the Tribe. I protect the Tribe by helping the leaders to become more powerful and more human by connecting to the Divine in us all.”

    In practice, I am an Executive Coach, I help my clients to become more conscious, loving, and authentic leaders. I love my mission, when I am ON, I can feel the Gods working through me. I can’t believe I get paid to do something I love so much.

    David Kaiser
    Dark Matter Consulting

  3. Mine is to promote reason, knowledge, and justice.

  4. I enjoyed your perspective. I have been doing a lot of thinking and writing about the importance of a mission lately so it is good to read similar sentiments. Without one we are just doing things and usually not things that matter most to us.

  5. David McCartney says:

    I also have been thinking a lot (again) about mission. I wrote a piece for myself a few years ago about personal mission statements. Maybe it’s time to dust it off and think about submitting.

  6. I loved a man once when I was too young and naive….he was extremely intelligent, articulate, and much older than me…it’s funny to look back now and see that he was still unformed…and still had lofty goals that he hadn’t thought he could dream of until he met me (and he kept that a secret from me)….I think he latched onto me because I was too young and naive and still had great possibilities in front of me….He was working on his PhD. in science at the time, already married and with a family…when I looked at him I saw the father figure in “Leave It To Beaver”; I thought he was already settled and focused on his own responsibilities…..Little did I know how much he envied me and my freedom…He said he fell in love with me…but I look back and see maybe he just wanted to trade places with me and have another chance to chase a great dream: to go to pre-professional school….and I never knew until many years later when I had broken things off…his desperation in chasing me…I was so young and so impossible…perhaps if he conquered me then he could achieve anything….somehow by being near me he could somehow escape his stultifying life and chase his real dreams….maybe he felt challenged by a too green and too petite kid who declared that she wanted something really lofty for herself…he was my intellectual superior…surely if I could do it, couldn’t he? Long story short…he played a dangerous, sick game with all of our lives and became really controlling and coercive and manipulating….if he could just control me better and make me into a better robot, then he could master his own life, too? I all ended spectacularly after 7 tortuous years…everything went up in flames…I had stayed with him all those years because I could see that he was sick…I had hoped I could make him better…if anything, he just became more monstrous…When I left, I told him I couldn’t help him anymore…that he would have to see a therapist or psychologist ….that he would have to finish his personal goals alone…I couldn’t support him anymore…he was draining me of my lifeblood….He eventually did go to pre-professional school a few years later….he stalked me 2 decades after I fought my way out of the relationship just to show me what he had finally accomplished…but he was so old now….and decrepit….He finally achieved what he secretly coveted in me for himself…Was it worth the cost? Where was the applause? Did he stalk me so that I could bow down to him and tell him that he was a worthy man? How do you explain a man so diabolical and secretive that he would pursue something against all odds?

    • A typical female home wrecker who tries to justify her actions and shift all blame onto the man. Women make it quite clear to men that if they want to attain women, they have to get a girlfriend/wife so that many of them will suddenly be interested in them. Whatever follows is never their fault. Women are always the victim.

  7. Aloha Frederick, Thank you for such an insightful article. Your thoughts ring so true for me. As an Air Force veteran with 25 years of service, I have a deep appreciation for a well defined mission. Since retiring and moving to Maui, Hawaii, my life mission continues to be to serve mankind in a special way that makes life more meaningful and rewarding for us all. As a film maker, you would appreciate this. I’ve started a company, http://www.EAffirmations.com, which produces inspiration, relaxation and meditation videos/media.
    EAffirmations.com provides creative tools to relax, unwind, and regenerate by watching and listening to my online videos, DVDs, etc. EAffirmations.com fills our need to escape daily stress, tension, and emotional ailments by redirecting our conscious and subconscious mind to peaceful, uplifting sights, sounds, and thoughts.
    To keep in short, I provide an alternative option at the other end of the viewing spectrum. This alternative viewing experience redirects our focus, our conscious and subconscious mind, to a more positive and uplifting perspective of life. I want viewers to reconnect with their spirit and feel good about life. And as result, be empowered to make a difference in their unique way.

  8. “Dangerous men”

    Oh look, a feminist publication exercising in fear-mongering. How surprising.

  9. Wonderful to see some of your amazing missions. Erin, David, Copyleft, Pharaoh – thank you for sharing yours. Readers, please continue to share your own. I’ll be posting a Part II to this train of thought shortly, talking about why and how men are dangerous when not living in mission. Leia, whatever your own mission is, I’m glad to see it no longer includes caretaking other men living in shadow. Until your ex discovers and lives his own mission sounds like you’re well rid of him.


  1. [...] really important that men have a sense of mission or purpose in life. (I have written about this subject recently.) They have a built-in desire to want to serve someone or something, to know that their life has [...]

  2. [...] really important that men have a sense of mission or purpose in life. (I have written about this subject recently.) They have a built-in desire to want to serve someone or something, to know that their life has [...]

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