Dads I Admire: an Illustrated Perspective of Good Dads


Dads do a lot of different things to win the admiration of writer Jon Keller

As parents, we’re so used to reading kids stories to our kids that Jon Keller, a Dads Worker for the Dads Making a Difference Program at Children’s Friend in Providence, Rhode Island, has written one for us. The story is illustrated by Nidhi Chanani, an artist contributing to the supercool collaborative story telling site, Storybird, where writers and artists of all ages make stories.

Dads I Admire is a dad’s story about being a dad created by a dad designed with the simple clarity of a children’s book. It’s a powerful story, too, about how our kids see us. Scroll over the book and click to get started.

—this visual story first appeared on Storybird

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About Jon Keller

Jon works as a Dads Worker for the Dads Making a Difference Program at Children's Friend in Providence, Rhode Island. He is married and has two bilingual Brazilian American children. He is the co-author of a bilingual blog promoting family literacy in the Portuguese speaking community in Rhode Island.


  1. […] Dads I Admire is an online picture book to share with your kids about the important role of being a father—created by dad, Jon Keller and illustrated by Nidhi Chanani. Jon Keller also works with the Dads Making a Difference Program at Children’s Friend. […]

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