3 Ways My Mom Taught Me How to Be a Dad

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About Jay Palter

Jay Palter is a social media consultant and strategist specializing in developing personal brands online. An avid blogger and web content curator, he maintains several blogs (including jaypalter.ca, homemadedad.caand Newish in Edmonton). As an active father and "primary parent" to 3 kids, Jay is committed to expanding the domestic roles and responsibilities of dads—starting with his own role in his own family. You can find him on Twitter at @jaypalter, Google+ and Pinterest.


  1. Notbuyingit says:

    Father’s not necessary in there children’s life’s, I am just hoping that is not what you are implying Sir, with all due respect, your story is an exception to the rule & every stat federal or state that was produced shows negative results all around as a result of households with no fathers, Google it if you think I am exaggerating, every social illness in the country can be traced to it, & as a understand it there is this social agenda to make single mothers the norm & it’s being encouraged & supported by various feminist organizations like “NOW”.

  2. John Anderson says:

    “Be the best parent you can be because no parent can be perfect.”

    As someone circumcised without his consent, I’ve reached some level of forgiveness so that’s not just advice for parents raising children. It’s also advice for children who may not appreciate every decision their parents have made for them.

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