11 Rules for Working Out of a Coffee Shop

Your messy workspace is crimping your productivity. Your neighbor’s kid is playing his tuba. You’re lonely as hell. Head to the local beanery for a change of scenery. But don’t forget these essential rules.

So, you’ve finally decided—or, through layoffs, been forced—to ditch that day job and join the ranks of full-time freelance writers. Good for you. No more bosses. No more neckties. No more staff meetings. Health insurance is for weenies!

Writing at home gets pretty boring pretty quickly. Coffee shops, on the other hand, get you out of the house so you can still pound out a story while retaining what remains of your social skills. Try these tips for getting the most out of working out of a coffeehouse.


1. Make sure there’s free Wi-Fi

You’ll need access to email, search engines, and reference sites. Few coffee shops these days don’t offer it, but it’s good to make sure before you plunk down to work.


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About Ted Cox

Ted Cox has never been to a Turkish prison. He hates bad beer and writing bios in the third-person. Follow his writing and speaking gigs on iheartcox.com.


  1. I thought this was funny, it pokes fun of people that bring WAY too much office to the coffee shop! Enjoy.


  2. Whoa, there’s such a thing as time management software??! That would have helped a lot while I was at university. I mourn the many unnecessary all-nighters…

    Most of the others I had a “no doy” reaction to though. Sitting near an outlet is just common sense, and buying something is just courtesy.

    • There is a great firefox add-on called Leechblock that serves this purpose… once you can figure out how to set it up, it really helps productivity.

  3. This article is 11 pages? I have to click through 11 pages, each with only a paragraph, to read this article? Seriously?

    No, I refuse. I’m a GMP fan, but I’m boycotting this issue to protest this ridiculous layout decision. Sorry, Ted.


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