5 Smart Moves Your Small Business Should Make This Year


It’s not business as usual anymore. Savvy businessmen have to be proactive.

Business trends are changing rapidly every other day. Different innovations and technologies continue to emerge which regularly change the rules of the game. As the world moves at a faster pace, the need for us to follow with equal speed becomes apparent.

It often takes customers a few minutes skimming through your site to decide if you mean business.

There is nothing usual about business today. In fact, business unusual is the new usual. Small businesses must make certain smart moves that are guaranteed to keep them at pace with the trends and help them compete favorably with the big boys. These moves are what will ensure their sustainability, if not they will not survive the competition.

Here are Five Moves Smart Business Owners Must Make:

  1. Plug Your Business into the Global Market

It is a blunt fact that any business that isn’t yet online doesn’t yet mean business. This is far too wide a market to simply neglect. Simply put; you need a website and you need to use Social Media. For most people in developed countries, this has become a norm. But so many businesses in developing countries are yet to join this trend.

If survival is the goal of your business, then fine, you can go right ahead neglecting the Internet. But if you want to really thrive and make a statement then you need to plug into the global market; the Internet.

While you are at it, invest some money and effort in customizing your website. It often takes customers a few minutes skimming through your site to decide if you mean business. You could even take a step further and create a blog to engage your site visitors. Let them have reasons to visit your site again and again. Through this blog, you can equally inform them of the arrival of new products.

The truth is; your site can say “I am dead serious” or “I am just fooling around.” And naturally either statement has a different effect on your income.

  1. Invest In Marketing Strategies

Are your sales pages converting? Does your marketing outreach stir up excitement?

If not, you should invest in marketing content because the simple truth is, we are not all strong copywriters, nor are we all marketing experts.

A stiff business page, brochure or blog post just doesn’t cut it anymore. Customers need some thrill that makes them feel personally involved with you.

In a constantly changing business terrain, it is wisdom to admit that you cannot do it by all yourself..

Ultimately, it takes skill to craft content that smacks of urgency in whatever you’re selling. It may be of immense help to hire a freelance copywriter or a marketing advisor.

If properly done, you’ll make the money back when your new copy entices prospects to buy from you.

  1. Hire a Business Coach or Mentor

A lot of people simply do not believe in this. Business Coach? No way! This reasoning is the exact reasons a lot of businesses have epileptic successes.

In a constantly changing business terrain, it is wisdom to admit that you cannot do it by all yourself.

A business coach is not a consultant or an advisor. A business coach will walk with you through your plan. Business coaches spend time studying trends and will advise you and hold you accountable. A business coach will both critique and guide you at the same time.

Business coaches have increasing relevance today and it will count as a really smart move to invest in getting one.

  1. Delegate Away the Migraine

If you still think in terms of “reduce expenses and increase revenue” then you might find yourself on the wrong side of business history. It is time to start thinking in terms of “more investment, greater effectiveness and hence, greater revenue.”

The rules of the game have long changed and many small businesses have been left behind. A lot of them have developed severe migraines because they still run a one-man camp like a subsistence farmer.

You cannot be the manager, the web manager, the typist, the cashier, sales rep, and the accountant at the same time if you wish to retain your sanity. Ever wonder how much money you lost all those times you had to take sick leave and holidays?

Employ specialists to do the little things you cannot afford to do. You can even find freelancers online willing to do it for outrageously low costs. This way there is greater efficiency and greater result … and much more money.

  1. Invest In Your Customers and Your Customer Relationships

The customer is still the greatest asset any business has. You don’t need to worry about the dynamic business terrain changing that.

The playing field has never been more leveled as it is today.

One very smart move any small business owner can make this year is to get creative about their customer relationships.

Customer relationship management has been made easy. The CRM systems (or workflow management) are now becoming increasingly popular, and go a long way in creatively engaging your customer base.

They create a cohesive system that enables businesses to reach a target customer base and help in the management of communication by carrying out automated communication tasks such as e-mailing and storage of correspondence.

Try offering bonuses and loyalty discounts for your most loyal customers and advertise these on your website and social media pages.

The playing field has never been more leveled as it is today. And smart small business owners are already making these moves while the rest watch on.

It’s time to take advantage of these huge opportunities and watch that business make a staggering statement this year.



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