5 Ways That Your Health and Fitness Can Improve Your Career

9k=If you are already involved in an exercise program, this is a good time to switch it up and make some new changes, so your body doesn’t get complacent.

I think all men are always looking for more motivation, focus and success in any capacity in their lives, and you’ll be surprised what you can generate just out of your body by putting it to work for you.

Every guy wants to look good, which is at the root of most people’s exercise programs.

Health, fitness, and wellness play a huge role in a mans productivity and ability to get things done, so if you’re looking for a boost in your career, success, and your productivity, look no further than committing yourself to a life of health and wellness. Here are five things that better health and exercise help bring out of you.


1.Exercise Helps Increase Your Productivity

Every guy wants to look good, which is at the root of most people’s exercise programs. But if you’re looking to boost productivity in your work, business or life, you’ll want to get moving. Exercise helps your productivity by boosting alertness. This comes from increased blood flow to the brain, which keeps you focused and aids in concentration–two critical things you need when working on projects or starting a new one.

2. Exercise Helps Improve Cognitive Function

Boosted brain power is always welcomed, and exercise helps with mental focus and concentration. When you’re involved in anything that requires productivity, your brain is your number one asset, and you want it running on all cylinders.

Studies suggest that the parts of the brain that control thinking and memory are more developed in people who exercise over those who don’t. Exercise helps enhance a brain so that it is better equipped to focus, concentrate, and make better decisions. All crucial things if you’re looking to get ahead and succeed.

3. Exercise Helps To Lower Stress

Hands up who could use less stress in your life? The truth is that it’s impossible to remove all stress from your daily life, but you can learn to manage it better. To keep it simple, exercise helps to deplete stress hormones and at the same time releases mood-enhancing chemicals in our body that help make us feel better and cope with the stress itself.

It’s like we have a built-in stress management system but one that needs to be unlocked by exercise. Those mood-boosting chemicals also help us to relax, and this is when you may find some of your best work happens as opposed to when you are overwhelmed and agitated.

4. Exercise Helps Prevent Illness

All of your abilities, ideas and insights are not going to be very useful if you are knocked off your feet and laid up in bed. The number of work days lost to sickness and illness in the country is staggering and being in the best health will not only help you prosper, but all companies in general.

From a company viewpoint, those sick days can hit you where it hurts as info from 2012 shows that poor health is costing the economy $576 Billion dollars a year. Looking deeper, 39% of that, or $227 Billion, is from lost productivity from when employees can’t be present or that they are, but their illness is keeping them from performing their best.

Regular exercise helps in reducing your risk of developing certain illnesses or disease. You enhance your immunity making it easier to defend against colds and flu. Exercise also helps in reducing the risk of some of the big time issues like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and hypertension.

5. Exercise Can Help Break You Through Plateaus

If you’re stuck trying to develop and idea, have writers block or are wrestling with a problem, exercise can help you overcome all that.

When these situations hit, this is a good time to get up and walk, move around, hit the gym or engage in something that just gets the blood moving. It doesn’t have to be too time engaging either, just a quick walk around the block or running a few flights of stairs triggers a burst of creative thinking.

The sweet spot seems to be around 150 minutes of exercise a week.

The American Psychology Association looked at the issue of walking over sitting when it came to creative ideas and through all experiments at least 81% of the walker groups showed more creative responses and ideas compared to those who sat.


How To Incorporate In Exercise

You don’t have to start jumping right into triathlons and Crossfit to start getting these effects as all the different studies showed that an average amount of exercise was still very beneficial. The sweet spot seems to be around 150 minutes of exercise a week, which works out to around 30 minutes a day, very doable.

If you are already involved in an exercise program, this is a good time to switch it up and make some new changes, so your body doesn’t get complacent. If you’re new to exercise, you’ve seen here that it doesn’t have to be too intense, just starting with daily walking can give everything a boost. There will be plenty of time to get more intense and detailed with it in awhile; the point is to get started today.

Your career may thank you for it..

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  1. This article is spot on. Many people underestimate the benefits of exercise and therefore neglect a positive part of their life that could highly benefit their overall well-being. While it’s true that exercise keeps the body in check it also does the same for the mind. Numerous studies have shown that daily exercise makes the body function better, improving its performance in every single aspect.

    Weight training for example makes the body stronger by building muscle, shredding fat and increasing the body’s natural hormone production. As many know, these previous factors play a very important role in our health but also like the article states, in our productivity.

    • Hey Evan,

      Thanks for reading and for the great insights. I find as you continue on in exercise and fitness you find yourself working out just as much to clear and focus your mind as much as you do it to get fitter and stronger etc.

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