Every Day in America: A Story From Behind Bars

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About Dante Cottingham

At the age of 17, Dante Cottingham was charged with party to a crime of homicide, waived to the adult criminal court system, convicted, sentenced to a lengthy term of imprisonment and then transferred to an adult maximum security prison. He's currently serving his 18th year of incarceration in the New Lisbon Correctional Institute. While incarcerated he obtained his paralegal degree. He has thoroughly researched the social and legal elements of the history and development of juvenile justice in the United States. Research combined with his experiences has turned him into a passionate advocate for juvenile justice reform in America.


  1. Hi Dante
    Thank you for sharing this story and knowledge with us.

  2. Es El Vee says:

    This breaks my heart, but my heart is also encouraged that your predicament has led to your strength and passion for helping other kids who land in adult court.

  3. johnkreamer says:

    No explanation of this prisoner’s crime and way of life? I am sure the prisoner has been in hell, but what about the victim, what about the victim’s family & friends. We have had 17 year old soldiers serving overseas in combat. They are expected to understand their situation and serve honorably. The prisoner has no one to blame but himself.

  4. good luck dante…did you get civil rights restored…website is not mine personally, am a member urge everyone to follow FAMM.


  1. […] Dante Cottingham was legally ripped from his childhood when we was convicted as an adult at age 17. His message 18 years later: Reform the juvenile justice system.  […]

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