How Old Is Too Old? How Young Is Too Young?

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  1. Henry Vandenburgh says:

    Let’s say my formula number is 40. (It is.) I sould be able to subtract ages as follows:

    Every five points of IQ – 1 year
    Degrees past BA – 5 years for each
    Jewish – 5 years
    Born under fixed astrological sign – 5 years
    Every five sexual partners – 1 year

    • Henry Vandenburgh says:

      Number of ear piercings more than 1 – 1 year each
      Knows foreign language – 2 years for each one
      Fathers income over $200,000 – 1 year for every $100,000 added


  2. A nice 5+/5- range works well if you are over 25. Each year under that subtract a year, ie. 24 is 5+/4-, 23 is 5+/3-.

    Once you hit fifty though, I think you can expand it to 10+/10-. Because by then people are pretty much set. What is the difference between 70 and 80? Both are old as dirt.

  3. Ultimately, I don’t think that using math or other such forms of “romance calculus” is really going to result in a satisfying relationship.

    Sure someone might look good on paper–the right age, right height, right career, right car, etc.–but what ultimately matters if whether or not you can be happy with them.

    Ultimately age is just a number. I’m dangerously close to 30, but I still feel like I’m just starting my own adult life (mostly due to a dramatic career change) and I still do eat ramen from time to time :)

    It’s important to not just look at the external qualities of a person, and to remember to look at them as a complete and whole human being with their own unique experiences of life.

  4. I’m 24. My girlfriend is 29. I think there’s something exiciting about dating an older woman without all the baggage. She never had kids and never got married or engaged.

  5. AnonymousDog says:

    Any woman whose kids are anywhere near the same age as mine is about the right age for me.

  6. As a 40-something guy I have to say I like the 1/2 +7 formula…it seems about right to me,,,as much as I find 20-something women attractive, I’m not comfortable with anyone under 30.


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