Slow Sex: The Art and Craft of the Female Orgasm

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About Jesse Kornbluth

Jesse Kornbluth is is a New York-based writer and editor of, a cultural concierge site he launched in 2004. As a magazine journalist, he has been a contributing editor for Vanity Fair, New York and Architectural Digest. As an author, his books include Airborne: The Triumph and Struggle of Michael Jordan; Highly Confident: The Crime and Punishment of Michael Milken and Pre-Pop Warhol. As a screenwriter, he has written for Robert De Niro, Paul Newman and PBS. On the Web, he co-founded From 1997 to 2002, he was Editorial Director of America Online.


  1. On page 1: “I teach a practice called Orgasmic Meditation. It’s a way that any man can bring out the orgasm in any woman, in just fifteen minutes.”
    Would you read on?

    Change that to “partner” and there would probably be even more ready to read on.

    • Aw, I could hug you for that, Danny. :) Anyway, on to the rest:

      “Or would you prefer to learn, from “50 Shades,” how to enjoy being whipped with a riding crop, shackled and fisted?”

      Sounds a bit judgemental, there. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying being shackled and fisted. That’s what does it for some people.

      Also, the list of “What men/women should know about women/men” seems a bit like it’d apply the other way around too. Like this bit: “Men get confused when women withhold information.” Well yeah, and women get confused when men do this…and men get confused when men do this….and women get confused when women do this…etc.

      In general, without having read the book, this whole thing just seems so very prescriptive. This is how men are; this is how women are; this is how best to achieve orgasm for women. Far too prescriptive for my liking. Also, as Danny pointed out, far too heteronormative.

      • Sounds a bit judgemental, there. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying being shackled and fisted. That’s what does it for some people.
        Damn straight.

        Now about that comment of mine above. Let me give you the long version.

        (GtlW1*) – Dude I don’t understand women. Do you have any advice?
        (GtlW2) – Man I wish I did. If you find out let me know.
        (GtlW1) – Sure thing.
        (WtlW) – Did I hear you guys promising to share info on women when you get it? Can I get in on that too? I’d like to understand them better too.
        (GtlW2) – What do you need in on this for? You have inside-
        (WtlW) – I know what you’re about to say. No it doesn’t work like that. So can I get in on this or not?
        (GtlW1) – Well she does like women. (Or at least that’s what it says in the script.)
        (GtlW2) – True.
        (GtlW1) – And women can be hard to understand. So I guess it stands to reason that there would be women that don’t understand women.
        (GtlW2) – True.

        GtlW = Guy that likes women
        WtlW = Woman that likes women

        • lol. It’s so true. We’re getting a bit off topic, but I’ve always found it so messed up that we have this idea that women are like these totally different creatures from men, and that men are these totally different creatures from women. As if they’re almost separate species with separate languages, and somehow lgb people have a secret knowledge on how to understand the other, strange, species or whatever.

          It’s all bollocks, really. People are flipping complicated, and sometimes people do things and say things that make no sense to anyone else.

  2. EarsWithFeet says:

    Why does the orgasmic meditation need to be dependent on a partner in the first place? I admire her desire to educate women about the empowerment one can achieve as a result from such powerful a orgasm, but shouldn’t real empowerment come from yourself? Why do you need someone else to bring you to that place she describes as wanting to be able to live in and share with the rest of the world? Of course, it would be fantastic experiencing that with a partner, but the typical western women she describes coming to her for help who can’t fathom the curing power of an orgasm seem to need a perosnal education first. In my opinion, she seems to be indirectly repeating this idea that women should be dependent on a partner for their own sexual education, which wouldn’t be true liberation.

  3. So… she undresses, but I don’t? She lies down and I do everything? Count me out, thank you very much.

  4. Kirsten (in MT) says:

    It sounds formulaic, generic, and sterile.

  5. Chicago-JSO says:

    This article seems far too simplistic, furthermore rather than empowering women it further dis-empowers them by making the responsibility for their sexual pleasure fall entirely on the man. This simply perpetuates the idea that men are responsible for women’s sex lives and sexual satisfaction. This is bad for men because it puts undue pressure on the man to perform at an increasingly super-hero level but it also damages women’s ability to truly own their sexuality by saying that all their sexual problems can be blamed on the man not being a “slow” lover. A book which truly empowered women would be one which encouraged them to learn how to become aroused more easily, one which encouraged them to masturbate and explore their sexuality, and one which encouraged ownership of their own sexuality not a reiteration of the tired old blame your bad sex life on your boyfriend/husband mantra.

  6. FlyingKal says:

    Ditto what everybody already said.

    She discovered that women are entitled to ask for what they want, that paying attention to female pleasure rewards the man as well as the woman, and that the benefits of orgasm can have a huge ripple effect: “It will be turned on women around the world, and those that dare to stroke us, that will change the world, feeding the desire for connection that we all have.”

    First of all, I like a “connection” with a woman to last a little bit more than just 15 minutes.
    Second, where’s the deeper connection, and the benefits, if it can be any random man that just up and leaves after 15 minutes??

  7. I haven’t read the book but just want to comment that I was always really good at giving myself an orgasm, when I was alone, but for years I had trouble reaching orgasm with a partner. I think I felt stressed out and pressured by the need to produce an orgasm on demand. I would start thinking “this is taking too long!” and that would be the death of it. I was also embarassed about losing control in front of someone else. It wasn’t until I had a really patient boyfriend who insisted one night that I lie there and relax completely while he stimulated me for as long as it took that I was finally able to get an orgasm with him. It took like 25 minutes the first time. No one had ever been that patient with me before. It was really amazing! So maybe this method has merit at least for some women.

    • FlyingKal says:

      I’m a bit curious as to your statement about It wasn’t until I had a really patient boyfriend who insisted one night …
      If YOU are the one feeling stressed out and pressured, I can’t automatically see where your partner’s patience come in to play in the equation?

  8. Maybe I’m just being thick, but I can’t figure out how to parse “Nice is the trump card.” What does that mean?

  9. wellokaythen says:

    Wow, so you can just make stuff up about Buddhism and everyone believes you? That’s a sweet gig.

  10. Doug S. says:

    “Whatever you do, make sure you’re doing it out of desire. It’s the only compass you’ve been given in this world, and you can trust it. It may not lead you where you thought you were going, but it will never lead you astray.”

    That’s very bad advice.

    • I’m going to have to agree. I have “desired” quite a few few people and things that were less than healthy for me.

  11. Not very Buddhist either. Desire causes suffering, according to Buddhist principles!

  12. I have to say, I started an Orgasmic Meditation practice last year and it has had the most profound effect on me. I am a man, yes. But the sensations I get in my body are powerful enough to put me in touch with my Desire (capital D) rather than my desire (things that I think I want in the moment, that bring me out of the moment). I have found my confidence increase immensely, as well as my capacity to hold intense emotion that I would have previously freaked out about. I can also hold someone else’s emotion experience when they are angry or sad, in a whole new way. The practice is not sex. It is more than that. I have found myself connected to myself, and my body in a way I never could have imagine.

    I recommend it to everyone, men and women.

  13. >>> “Or would you prefer to learn, from “50 Shades,” how to enjoy being whipped with a riding crop, shackled and fisted?”
    Sounds a bit judgemental, there. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying being shackled and fisted. That’s what does it for some people. <<<

    Exactly my first thoughts. Everyone is different. A touch of solipsism on the part of the writer of the article. A bit like people who suggest women don't like pornography either. I have known plenty of women who are not interested in "meditative sex" or any other such hoo ha and like nothing more than a good, hard f***ing.

    • Mind, calling meditative sex “hoo ha” is also a bit judgemental. I’ll echo the comment of mine you quoted: there’s nothing wrong with enjoying meditative sex. That’s what does it for some people.

  14. >> Mind, calling meditative sex “hoo ha” is also a bit judgemental. I’ll echo the comment of mine you quoted: there’s nothing wrong with enjoying meditative sex. That’s what does it for some people. <<

    That goes without saying.

    You're picking up on mere semantics. It's hoo ha to those people who see it that way.

  15. Pete Deet says:

    Your comments re: Werner Erhard

    My experience of being a customer of Werner Erhard’s company and of the people who staffed or presented the ideas associated with Werner Erhard’s companies was one of being profoundly respected and related to as a person who was already whole and complete and already perfect and powerful enough to deal with anything I was dealing with or wanted to deal with in my life or in life. It is largely why I chose to give Erhard and Associates repeat business. A VERY unique and positive experience for me and my family and friends. Nothing but respect.

  16. Laurence Platt says:

    I’m sorry to be the one to break this to you Jesse, but nothing you’ve ever written has put even the slightest dent in Werner Erhard’s business.

    There’s an abundance of evidence from around the world today of the value Werner Erhard’s work creates for millions of people in all areas of life including cutting edge business technology and the most respected forums of academia, much of which you can discover for yourself at

    As for your central point – that Werner Erhard disrespected his customers: being a long-standing customer myself, I can tell you that the only experience which is more valuable to me than my experience of Werner Erhard’s work is my experience of my family. In that regard, there’s no business in any market anywhere today which demonstrates and is more committed to respect for their customers than businesses started by Werner Erhard.

  17. Jesse, It seems that you are proud of your attempt to damage Werner “Too bad it didn’t shut him down.” I appreciate criticism. I love conversation and open debate. I’m not sure about your motives but from my own direct experience I am sure of Werner’s. Werners work restores honor and human dignity. In my case his work has given me great relationships with my family, in spite of some challenging circumstances. His work has given me clarity and made space for me to choose a life of integrity and honor. My work with top executives around the world is based up these experiences. Over the past twelve years I met so many amazing who have had their lives profoundly altered by Werner’s work. They have gone on to cause major breakthroughs in business, education, healthcare, veteran support, government etc.

    My invitation to you is to take another look at Werner’s work. Here are few clips. The first is a lecture that he is giving at the Kennedy School of Business at Harvard. The second is a documentary on Werner’s work.

    Michael Shaun Conaway

  18. David Kamnitzer says:

    I wanted to let readers know that I did the est Training, created by Werner Erhard, in February, 1975.

    37 years later, I can honestly say it was the single-most powerful educational experience of my life.

  19. Werner Erhard has had the most profound effect on my life and if there was one single thing which I were asked to rate as the most significant experience of my life apart from the birth of my daughter, I would say it has been listening to Werner and attending the Landmark Forum. If there is one man who loves and respects you irrespective of who or what you are and is committed to your having an empowered life…it is him. And he definitely isn’t out of ‘business’, so to say, or never will be ( actually he is way beyond ‘business’ as you call it) as long as this world has the ability to recognize the wheat from the chaff.

  20. Kristin says:

    I have never met Erhard, but I have done courses led by people Erhard personally trained. I did not find anything disrespectful in my Landmark Education courses. I was highly respected, more so than any other situation in my life. My leaders saw me as a powerful being who was capable of anything I wanted in my life, and after doing The Forum, I know this is true. I did not once feel disrespected in my courses.

  21. Bill Kilburg says:

    Waking people up to their potential and possibilities is my experience of est and of Werners stand in life.
    Est got me to take a look at my life , to take responsibility for it and to generate a new life for myself and for others .
    It was a great option to the crime ridden neighborhood I grew up in. It was hard work , a work that shifted my life .


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